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Welcome To Mathomatic, we created this website for all the QB users to assist them in how to use Quickbooks and if the Quickbooks get interrupted by any of the errors, how to deal with it.

What is QuickBooks Accounting Software?

Quickbooks accounting software is a handy tool to manage the accounting and bookkeeping activities of a running business.  Intuit develops this software for all the small and mid-sized enterprises around the world struggling to achieve their goal in a specific set time. This software assists them in not only achieving their goals but managing their business book systematically. This software is full of rich features that make it stand-alone from other accounting software. There are some certain services that Quickbooks allow its users to accomplish without any hassle and without any wrong entry.

  • Track income and expenses
  • Generating reports for planning
  • Keeping track of daily transactions
  • Preparing billings and payroll, etc.

This software is a key to manage every crucial aspect of your business to grow. Nowadays every small and mid-sized company is leaning towards Quickbooks and acquiring it to manage their financial statements.  Quickbooks makes the path easy for the users but first you have to know its features and the usage of Quickbooks. Knowledge is the key to the flexible and mindful usage of Quickbooks.

Feature of QuickBooks 

Data Migration: the info within the accounting software gets smoothly transferred to the spreadsheet. This is often suitable once you want to possess financial data on the spreadsheet.

User-friendly: This software is created within a user-friendly guide that makes access easy to QB users. Most significantly, the rich features within the software lookout of small and medium-sized business’ needs.

Plain sailing process: It’s easy to understand where your business stands with the assistance of the software. Learning how it works is straightforward and straightforward to know. Furthermore, it involves a really short learning curve.

Bank Transactions: Every transaction of your business is kept transparent and therefore the software will keep it up recording the transactions linked to wages, commissions, salary, expenses, profits, etc. Invoices Generation: Easy generation of invoices from your smartphone, tablets, and computing system.

Tax Calculations: The feature of tax calculations in QB gives you the feasibility to calculate tax for your firm in a prompt, accurate, and efficient way.

Business Projections: The feature of business projections in QuickBooks helps a QB user in generating forthcoming projections. On the other hand, if anyone wants to get reports – sales, profits, expenses, it becomes simple for them to work out the items with business projections. As the above information reveals the features and services of Quickbooks but there are certain versions of Quickbooks that add more features and specifications to the Quickbooks application.

Type Of QuickBooks Versions

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop Products
    1. QuickBooks for Mac
    2. QuickBooks Pro
    3. QuickBooks Premier
    4. QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks App

All the above mentioned versions are available at the official site of Intuit. You can safely download and install any of the versions as per requirement of your business. Sometimes Quickbooks are often interrupted by some errors that irritate the QB users for a bit. Some errors are common but some of them are stubborn. They are hard to resolve.

Error That Interrupts the Works Within QuickBooks

1: QuickBooks Online Error 9999 At the time of refreshing your bank details on your computing system , a mistake message occurs on your PC screen that reads, “Apologies, we can’t refresh your record. it might be ideal if you’ve got a go at refreshing again later. (9999).” a possible discrepancy within the Windows registry or corrupted installation might be the rationale for QuickBooks Online Error 9999.

2: QuickBooks Error 6000 77- QuickBooks Error 6000 77 is the error that causes trouble when the user tries to access a corporation file. One among the explanations for this error is that the folder permission is wrong which comprises a corporation file.

3: QuickBooks Error 15227QuickBooks Error 15227 pops abreast of the QB user screen when the desktop gets crashed and stuck during the method of the installation. The precise error is connected with the installation of the software version or the Payroll update that’s done.

4: QuickBooks Installation Error- QuickBooks installation error is the general problem that users might confront anytime during its installation on Mac and Windows. Some interruption during the method of downloading or a problem with the network linking may create the error issue.

5: QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error – The reasons for QuickBooks unrecoverable error code might be network issues, data integrity issues with the corporate file or corrupt software components. Furthermore, the origin of the QB unrecoverable error is led via a mix of local troubles.

6: QuickBooks Error 1321- QuickBooks error 1321 is going to be a hindrance in your work once you attempt to update/install any company file of yours. The error 1321 on your system screen occurs due to the subsequent reasons:

  • Current use or damage within the file.
  • Security software or antivirus installed on your PC is obstructing your QB.

7: QuickBooks Error H202- QuickBooks Error H202 occurs when the user’s workstation fails to attach with the corporate file. And this doesn’t permit its users to possess a look at the corporate file. Some of the explanations for the occurrence of error H202 are:

  • Firstly, the .nd document is wrong or harmed.
  • Secondly, a possible block in your QB communication.
  • Damaged services components or Inoperative services.

8: QuickBooks Error 404 The user will get QuickBooks Error 404 on the screen when it breaks right down to sync with Intuit Servers. the explanations for error 404 might be if a server or page isn’t sync-able or incomplete update results, etc.

9: QuickBooks POS Error 1328 During the method of putting in , updating, or repairing the software, QuickBooks POS Error 1328 pops abreast of the user’s laptop/ system screen. The registration number that differs from the 2009 version might be the rationale for the error. After reading the above error you must be thinking that these are a lot of errors but, my friends this is the beginning. There are many more errors like this waiting for you inside the Quickbooks desktop. When you encountered any of the error within Quickbooks, you just have to run some of the tool according to the specification or nature of the error.

Tools That Support QuickBooks Application

There are some of the tools that are also developed by Intuit in the seek of helping QB users when they get irritated with any QB Errors.

QuickBooks Tool Hub – Quickbooks tool hub is software that is developed for the QB users to use while encountering any kind of error. This tool is a hub of every tool that is indeed to resolve QB error whether it is related to network connectivity, installation issues, file not opening issue or anything else. This tool is handy when you face any common issue or error while working on QB desktop. There are plenty of tools inhere within Quickbooks Tool Hub.

1: QuickBooks File Doctor – As the name suggests, Quickbooks file doctor is a doctor to any QB error that occurs within Quickbooks. This tool is located in the Company File issue tab. You just have to move to the tab and tap on the QB file doctor and then browse the file that needs diagnosis. The scanning procedure of this tool determine the error form the system

2: Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool- When you move towards the Installation issue tab, you will see Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool. through this tool, every installation error gets resolved.

3: Quickbooks Database Server Manager- QuickBooks database Server manager is a tool that can resolve any kind of network issue. You will find this tool within the Network  issue tab.

4: QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair Tool – This tool become handy when a user encountered any kind of glitches or error while creating PDF or printing any Quickbooks file. This tool is located in the program problem tab.

5: QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool- QB Program diagnostic Tool is useful for those QB users who are facing errors while opening Quickbooks company file or working on any kind of file related to Quickbooks. All of these tools can be used within Quickbooks tool hub or there are stand alone versions available at the official site of Intuit. You just have to go through the website and  download it. And after that follow the on-screen instructions to install it on the system. Now you are good to go, you just have to browse the file that needs diagnosis and then hit the scan button to determine the error from the system. After using any tool, make sure to reboot the system.