We don’t need to tell you much about Quickbooks. If you are a user, you must be pretty happy with the quality of service. This persistent service effort is why most people consider Quickbooks as one of the best accounting software available in the market in 2021. With the multiple functionalities and the latest features, this accounting software has become the first choice for many multinational companies. Even Medium and Small enterprises are opting for Quickbooks to solve their accounting woes. But, with every software that has so much to deliver, errors are an understandable issue. One such problematic error in Quickbooks is the QBW32.exe app crash error. However, there is nothing that you need to worry about, as we have got you covered. You will find the solution to almost all the errors in Quickbooks and other important information about it on our website.

Quickbooks error qbw32.exe

This article will tell you how to resolve the QuickBooks error related to its executable QBW32.exe file. But before we directly tell you about techniques that are to solve this error, it is essential that you know what is QBW32.exe and what the reasons are behind this error.

What is QBW32.exe?

QBW32.exe is an executable system file that allows you to execute the process to open the Quickbooks desktop software on your PC. Like other executable files, the QBW32.exe also processes all the technical computer data in the QuickBooks system folder. Following which it executes this to bring up the user interface that you use for working on Quickbooks.

What is qbw32.exe error

Intuit inc develops the executable file ‘QBW32.exe’. The size of this file is around 493.37 KBs. It is the most critical system file of the Quickbooks Desktops software.

What is the QBW32.exe issue?

We all know that for a few years now, QuickBooks has gained immense popularity. However, since it is software, some of the other technical errors or issues keep on troubling different users. One of the most common issues that QuickBooks users face is the QBW32.exe error. A user can open the QB desktop software using the QBW32.exe file on the windows operating system. There is a connection of the executable QBW32.exe file to the ‘value of payroll,’ and QuickBooks pro software in the Microsoft-owned operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. The QBW32.exe malfunctioning or app crash error occurs when the user gets many spam emails or browsing/ accessing harmful or infected websites.

Error related to the QBW32.exe file generally occurs during system boot-up/ start-up or at the time of opening the Quickbooks software. However, there have been complaints about it appearing during the print-out process while giving the software’s print command. One more criterion you need to keep in mind is that most of the users who complained about the error had recently downloaded or updated the latest version of the software.

When the QBW32.exe error occurs, a pop-up notifies the user using a new window that displays a message as:

APPCRASH-QBW32.EXE- Quickbooks has stopped working

There is one more line below this where the Windows Operating systems offer to find a solution online.

This article will tell you the reason behind the QBW32.exe error and all the possible solution techniques that a user can use to resolve this error on their own.

What is the issue occurrence message?

The message that occurs while facing the QBW32.exe error when starting the QuickBooks application on Windows OS will show a message as demonstrated below.

The QBW32.exe error message:

Problem – qbw32.exe – The instruction at OX (…) referenced memory at OX (…). The memory could not be read.

Cannot find qbwin32.dll

Cannot find qbw32.exe

What causes the QBW32.exe error? 

There can be multiple factors and reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Some of these can include the below-mentioned points:

  • The system file ‘qbwin32.dll’ is not placed in the Quickbooks directory 
  • System file ‘qbw32.exe’ is not set in the designated Quickbooks directory to process the information needed to execute the software

How will you fix the qbw32.exe? | Solving qbw32.exe in easy steps

This issue is based on an error message that occurs when you click on the Quickbooks desktop version to open the software. Moreover, due to the error message, the Quickbooks desktop software doesn’t open up. 

One of the most basic solutions to this issue is to restart your computer. We suggest this solution because, at times, the registry stops responding, and such errors occur. However, restarting the computer resets the RAM, and hence the temporary registry is also reset. 

It would be best if you also kept in mind that repeatedly clicking the Quickbooks icon on the desktop might initiate multiple software processes and make it non-responsive.

Here are the top techniques/methods to resolve the QBW32.exe error:

There are many techniques or methods that you can use to resolve the issue related to the QBW32.exe file. We will discuss all the relevant techniques below. In the solutions provided below, we have also provided the steps to solve the error quickly. Make sure to read all the ways provided below to find the best-suited one for you.

methods to solve qbw32.exe error end process task manager

Technique 1 | End the QBW32.exe process from the task manager

Steps to follow for implementing this technique

  • Open task manager by pressing right-click on the taskbar or the by pressing “Alt+Ctrl+Del” from your keyboard
  • Once the ‘Task Manager’ opens, click on the process tab
  • Locate the process named QBW32.exe under the ‘image name’ section
  • Once you have located the QBW32.exe process(s), select it and click on End Process
  • Close the task manager and try restarting the Quickbooks desktop from the QB icon on your Windows desktop

*Note: If you find multiple processes of QBW32.exe in the process tab of task manager, make sure to kill all the processes by individually using End Process for all similar items

qbw32.exe error solved

Technique 2 | Suppressing the QuickBooks accounting application 

  • Locate the Quickbooks Desktop software icon on your desktop
  • Select the icon and right-click on it. Now, when the drop-down menu appears, press the Ctrl key on your keyboard. Keep holding the Ctrl key until the whole process is complete.  
  • Click on the open function option that appears.
  • Now, while you are holding the Ctrl key, a No company open window will open.
  • You can access your QuickBooks files from here for urgent use.
  • Once you have done using the file, close all the windows and shut down your computer. Restart the PC and try opening the QB desktop software application from the desktop icon

System restart to resolve qbw32.exe error

Technique 3 | Cleaning the Temporary and Prefetch files and restarting the system

  • The first step to implement this technique is to open the run command dialogue box
  • One can initiate this command by typing run in the start menu or by pressing the Window + R key from your keyboard
  • Once you have the Run dialogue box, type “%temp%” in the box and hit enter
  • A folder will pop up, delete all the components of this folder. (You can do this by pressing Ctrl + A and then Shift + Del from the keyboard)
  • Repeat the process of opening the Run command dialogue box and type “%prefetch%” in the box, and click on the run button

Restart your computer qbw32.exe error

  • A folder will pop up again, and you have to clean the components of this folder, too, using the same process as explained two steps above.
  •  Close all the windows and reboot your system from the start menu options once done with the above steps.
  • Once you have rebooted, locate the Quickbooks desktop icon on your desktop and double click on it. 

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We hope that this time the QuickBooks software works for you and does not crash. However, if it is still not working after following the above three techniques, follow the methods provided below.

solution of qbw32.exe error

Technique 4 | Using Quickbooks install the diagnostic tool on your computer for eliminating QBW32.exe related errors

So, you will have to download the QBInstall diagnostic tool on your computer to use this technique. This tool will help you fix numerous Quickbooks desktop errors at once, including the qbw32 exe fatal application exit (qbw32.exe application crash error).

Here are the steps that you can use to implement this technique for resolving the error qbw32.exe:

  • Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the official website of Intuit Inc.
  • Once you press the download button, the website will prompt you to save the file on your PC. Make sure you allow it to perform the required action.
  • Now, close all the windows and applications on your PC, especially the ones related to the Quickbooks desktop (Verify this in the Task Manager process tab)
  • Now, run the Quickbooks install Diagnostic tool. 
  • This action might take as much as 20 minutes to process, depending on your internet speed and system performance.
  • Once the tool has completed the diagnostic and rectified the errors, click on the finish button to exit the tool.
  • Restart the PC and try running the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Bingo! It should work fine now.

Technique 5 | Repairing the Quickbooks Desktop Software application

One of the recommended techniques or methods that can be very effective as if you are facing various troubles in using the Quickbooks desktop application. 

To repair the original QB Desktop application, you will have to use the Windows OS system utility. Here are the steps that you need to follow

  • It is highly recommended to backup your company files before running any repair or diagnostic tool on Quickbooks Desktop. SO, if you haven’t, then “Backup your Quickbooks Company Files in a safe location or cloud.” 
  • Now, we suggest you restart the computer and stop the programs scheduled for the auto-execute process. This ensures that no 3rd party program(s) is/ are interfering with the Quickbooks Desktop repair process.
  • Open the control panel on your computer (Can be done by the typing control panel in the start menu)
  • In the control panel, select the “Programs and Features” option, click on Uninstall a program to open a window.
  • Now, locate QuickBooks Desktop in the list of programs installed on your computer that appears in front of you.
  • Select it and press “Uninstall/Change.” Click ‘Next’
  • A new window will pop up, select Repair from the options that are available to you, and press ‘Next.’

*The repair process will initiate instantly. However, it might take a while before it finishes; make sure that the system does not shut down during this process in any case

  • Once the repairing process is complete, press Finish.
  • We suggest that before opening the Quickbooks application after repairing, restart your PC once.
  • Also, Update your Quickbooks software to the latest version and then open it from the desktop icon.

Working solution of qbw32.exe error

Technique 6 | Performing a clean installation of the Quickbooks Desktop Software Application

If the techniques mentioned earlier did not help you, you would have to perform this one, and most hopefully, this will certainly solve the issue for you. This method will tell you how to do a fresh installation of the software to get rid of this annoying QBW32.exe application crash error. You can also perform a clean installation in order to solve Quickbooks license error after clone.

Here are the steps that you need to perform for this method to work efficiently:

The Easier way:

  • Download the Quickbooks clean installation utility from its official website
  • Fetch in the Quickbooks desktop version that you want to perform a clean installation for, and the utility tool will do so. 
  • Also, you must note that this utility tool will not delete any company file, but we recommend that you keep a backup of these vital files saved elsewhere.

Performing a clean installation using the Windows-Control Panel’s “Programs and Features” tool

*Note: Create a backup of the personal and Company files before performing this action

  • In this process, you will have to open the Programs and Features window from the control panel of your PC.
  • Once you have the Programs and Features window opens, locate the Quickbooks desktop application in the list 
  • Now click on the Uninstall/repair button next to the QBDesktop application name
  • A window will pop up, select uninstall and click next
  • This process will take a while to complete; once done, click Finish
  • Restart your Computer
  • Now download the Quickbooks Desktop from the official website of Intuit Inc. make sure to download the version that you have purchased and have the License key available on your mail
  • After download, install the software and use the license key to activate it. Close all the windows and restart your system
  • Double click on the QB Desktop icon on your screen to open the software application. 

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We hope that the above-suggested solutions were able to eliminate the qbw32.exe error from your computer. However, if you are still facing this error in the application, we suggest that you check all the requirements needed to run the Quickbooks desktop software.  Many software does not execute because they do not meet the minimum desired System requirements and hence fail to open up and crash, showing such fatal exit error. 

quickbooks QBW32.exe error support

Alternatively, you can also reach out to the QuickBooks error support that provides industry-level service and assistance to its users. The well-trained and experienced experts are available 24/7 to help you. You can reach them out through the official website of QuickBooks, owned by Intuit Inc., for which we have provided a link below.


While we work on finding a solution for other critical QuickBooks-related errors, you can appreciate our work by liking and sharing our work. If you are impressed by the information, it would be amazing to have feedback about the content we provided to resolve the qbw32 exe related error in the comment box below. 

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