QuickBooks, developed by Intuit, is financial software that supports and fastens the operations of business start-ups to track, organize, and manage their information, finances, and other company data. It has never failed to surprise people with its compatibility and wide range of features but with all the positives, there is a limit to which a user enjoys it as you may encounter a few errors and bugs while operating it. 

But you must not worry, the developers have worked on its advancement and provided us with various QuickBooks tools and applications that can be used in fixing and diagnosing all kinds of errors and issues faced by users all over the world. One such essential tool is called QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Telling you just the name of the diagnostic tool will not do miracles for you, so be with us as we are starting with our article to go in-depth with all the aspects related to QuickBooks diagnostic connection tool. Now, the question arises: What is the Quickbooks diagnostic connection tool? It is a tool that helps you to resolve problems associated with common network and company file errors for QuickBooks. Except for rectifying QBs Database Manager and Company files, it also diagnoses various troubles that restrict proper connectivity in the system. To sum up, if you have QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool then you can diagnose all the network-related and connection issues.

Defining QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

Defining QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

The Diagnostic Connection Tool is a dynamic tool and is easily available to every user around the world without any charges. It assists in troubleshooting the general networking and multi-user errors like the H-series and 6000-series errors that can come up when you try to open a Company file. Quickbooks database manager and Quickbooks Company records can easily be connected in QuickBooks via QBs connection tool diagnostic download. 

System Requirements For Installing Quickbooks Connection Diagnostics Tool

This software can be used on any computer that has MS Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10, and Windows Vista. Additionally, it only supports Quickbooks 2008 version and later or Quickbooks enterprise Solution 8.0 or later. Your device should also have intact Microsoft components and a C++ framework structure.

Errors and Issues faced in QBs Connection Diagnostic Tool

There are different errors and issues that you may experience while operating QuickBooks. Below is a list is given of such errors and troubles that can be resolved using the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool.   



  • Access denied to QuickBooks Database.
  • Corrupted installation of Windows Firewall.
  • Damaged and Missing QuickBooks-related file.
  • Error messages pop up from time to time.
  • Damaged and Corrupted files of the system registry.
  • Missing customer list.
  • QuickBooks’ vendor list is vacant.
  • Keyboard and mouse functions do not respond properly. 
  • Windows freezes and halts while working. 

When Should the Diagnostic Tool be used?

You are recommended to use this tool when you encounter a few of the traits and issues discussed below. 

  • In case of the Firewall not being compatible with the QuickBooks version present in your system.
  • To fix corrupted, damaged, and broken QBs files.
  • For fixing the empty blank spaces of the customer list in QBs.
  • To assist when you have lost the employee list entries and also update it. 
  • To rectify the blank vendor list in QBs.
  • Provides access to QuickBooks Database and fixes errors coming up in the QBs Database Server Manager.
  • Diagnosing 6000 series errors and H-series in multi-user mode.
  • In case your Quickbooks files are infected by any malware and virus. 

Downloading and Installing Connection Quickbooks  Diagnostic Tool

When you want to download the Quickbooks Connection tool on your PC to fix bugs and glitches in the QBs files, you just have to follow a few easy steps given below. 

Installation process for connection diagnostic tool

  • Firstly, uninstall any older version of QuickBooks if it exists in your system.
  • With a stable internet connection, you need to visit the official website of Intuit and look for QB connection diagnostic 2018 tool download.   
  • After a successful download, go to the directory where you have saved the file and double-click on it.  

Installation directory

  • Now, you will see an installation window on your computer screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and agree to all the terms and conditions. 

Installation of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • Click on Finish to complete the installation process. 
  • Browse for the installation file and try to save it in your C drive.
  • If the tool can still not be accessed, then you need to double-click on the desktop icon of the QBs connections diagnostic tool.

Using the Connection Diagnostic Tool in QBs

After a successful installation, you are required to move ahead by following the steps mentioned below.

  • After the installation process, the QB tool opens up automatically.
  • Navigate to the Menu file and choose the Utilities option.

Utilities option in diagnostic tool

  • Now go to the repair file option.
  • Select the Network Problem Tab to access it.
  • Browse options to visit the Directory that contains the Company file that is needed to be fixed.

Browse Company File

  • If there is a single user using the software, then the network connectivity option is not required. Many issues are expected to be rooted in the corruption of the file and connectivity issues only.
  • Tap on the Show Advanced Settings option and a drop-down box will appear.
  • Now select the issues that are related to your existing problem.
  • After that, log in with the administrator password and tap on the OK button.

quickbooks desktop login

  • Select either the Host system or workstation PC option. 
  • Now choose the QBs Diagnostic Connection Tool and perform a scan. Once the repair process starts, it will take a few minutes to be completed.
  • Now the user can open the company file and proceed with their work.

Defining Tabs of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Tabs

Diagnose Connection Tab 

Diagnose Connection Tab 

In this tab, you can select the specified file which you want to be fixed. You can simply select the option diagnose/repair and a scan will be performed on the selected file. Once the process is completed, your error in the file will be resolved. 

Firewall Status Tab

Firewall tab

This tab helps you to see the basic setup of a firewall that needs to be established in your Windows. You can alter the settings and check whether your firewall has the proper settings in it. 

Test Connectivity Tab

Test your Connectivity tab

This tab assists the user in checking the internet and network connectivity of your system. You can also establish a proper connection with the Intuit host server and Quickbooks. If this kind of issue exists, then the steps below will help you on how to use this tab. 

  • Use the Browse button next to the Company File to find the location of the specific company file.
  • Now, click on Test Connectivity
  • Once the process is completed, if the problem is resolved it will display the status in green color and if the issue still exists then it will display the status in red color.

Components used by QuickBooks Connection Diagnostics Tool 

  • Net Framework
  • C++
  • MSXML 

1. QB Diagnostic Tool to resolve Microsoft.NET, MSXML, and C++ issues.
2. Windows Update to re-install the updates lost related to .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++.
3. Manually fixing Microsoft components.
4. Clean installation of QuickBooks in Selective Start-up mode.

Selective Start up

The Diagnostic Connection Tool is an astonishing tool that is easily available to every user around the world free of cost. It helps in resolving problems related to common network and company file errors. It majorly works for troubleshooting the general networking and multi-user errors like the H-series and 6000-series errors that can come up when you try to open a Company file. 

We have tried to bring the best of knowledge related to QuickBooks connection diagnostics tool 2018 in a nutshell and hope to make you understand every aspect of this tool in the easiest way possible. If you are still stuck with the problems of QuickBooks errors then you need to contact the Intuit QuickBooks support team via 24×7 chat services or the customer care call services.