Quickbooks is regarded as the world’s best accounting software that manages to keep all the financial stuff in a manner that enhances the functionality of the businesses. But, sometimes, it also gets corrupted and brings errors and issues into the Quickbooks desktop. In this article, we are going to provide you with a basic understanding of one such error that you may encounter in your system and later on, there is also a troubleshooting guide for you that will help you to resolve Quickbooks database server manager network diagnostic errors.

During the task of updating and running Quickbooks, the user might encounter this error. Yes, it can be really frustrating and irritating to encounter such errors while some tasks are going on. But, with the right lead, you can easily get rid of the error issue in no time. Every other network connectivity errors like Quickbooks Error H202 can also be easily fixed if resolved with the right methods and we at mathomatics again come with easy troubleshooting ideas and methods that you can use to fix the error issue. So, read the guide below and eradicate all the causes that bring Quickbooks database server stopped.

Well, in this guide below, we are going to present you not only the different solutions to resolve the error issue but, its causes also, you just need to be read all information carefully as they will cover the vast area of Quickbooks and you will become more aware of the tool. So, without wasting the time, let’s get started with the first section given below.

What is QuickBooks Database Server Manager Network Diagnostics Failed? 

Before moving on directly to the troubleshooting methods, we must need to know about the error. In this segment, you will be going to receive the same. 

Well, if we talk about the Quickbooks database server manager then it is the tool that helps to access the company files stored on the server through the multi-user mode. When the error occurs, the user becomes unable to access the company file in the multi-user environment. 

You can encounter Quickbooks database server manager network diagnostic failed issues on the system’s screen during the time of updating Quickbooks. This error prevents the user to check the company records.

Factors responsible for Quickbooks database server stopped 

Quickbooks database server manager provides access to various platforms in the network to access the company file in a multi-user mode that is stored on the server. But, sometimes due to some reasons, the system displays the Quickbooks database server manager stopped. In this section, we will get to know about such factors and causes that bring the error into the system’s screen. 

There can be many reasons behind the Quickbooks database server stopped. But, giving below are the main two reasons that lead to this error issue.

Windows Firewall 

Incorrect configuration of Firewall can rise up so many errors into the system because of its preventing nature that disables the path of the internet to continue with the further procedure. 

Outdated database server manager

Every system demands to be properly updated for better functioning of the software. If you are having an outdated version of the Quickbooks database server manager then you might have an error issue. So, try to use the updated tool.

After receiving the causes of the error, you have to try every possible way to remove those factors that raise the possibility of such error, and in order to do so, you have to get to know about the troubleshooting. Below is providing some methods which you can use to resolve the error

How to resolve Quickbooks Database Server Manager Network Diagnostic Failed

Before proceeding, you need to be sure that you perform each and every step carefully without skipping the one as skipping the steps might harm and damage your system. So, start the procedure with these solutions

Solution 1: Verify the version of the Quickbooks database server manager

You need to perform the given steps to identify which version of the Quickbooks database server manager is suitable for your device.

  • Firstly, press Windows + R keys together to open the run window.
  • Now, you need to type Services.msc in the text box of the Run window.

QuickBooks database server manager

  • Try to find the QuickbooksDBXX service and identify that the last two-digit numbers resemble the Qb desktop version or not. 
  • You can do the above step easily with these simple notes that you should keep in mind goes like that QuickbooksDB26 is for Quickbooks 2016 version, QuickbooksDB27 is for Quickbooks 2017 version, QuickbooksDB28 is for Quickbooks 2018 version, QuickbooksDB29 is for Quickbooks 2019 version, and so on.
  • If you are having a different version of the database server manager that does not corporate with the Quickbooks desktop version then you need to install that particular version for eradicating the error issue. 

Move on towards the third solution, if you want to update the Quickbooks database server manager. 

Solution 2: Configuring Windows Firewall 

As we have discussed earlier in the causes that how can this bring the error into the system. Now, let’s move on to the methods if it is the real cause of the error.

  • Tap on the start menu.
  • Into the search bar, enter windows firewall settings, and then open it by double-clicking on it.
  • Go to the advanced setting tab.
  • Move forward by right-clicking on the inbound rules and thereon choose the new rule.
  • After performing the above steps, go to the port and then hit the next tab.
  • Make sure to select the TCP.
  • In the specific local ports, enter the specific ports. 
  • Go to the next tab and hit on that.

QuickBooks database server stopped

  • Choose the option Allow the connection and again hit the next tab.
  • If prompted then make sure to mark and select all the profiles and thereon click on the next tab. 
  • Try to create a rule and give it a name. 
  • Lastly, hit the finish tab and end the process.

Solution 3: Set up Quickbooks Database Services

Moving towards this solution if the above would not work for you. In order to set up Quickbooks data, you need to perform the step below:

  • Go to the search box of programs and files and type services then open it by double-clicking on it.
  • Move down and right-click on the QuickBooksDBXX service and select stop, if the service is running.
  • Select properties by right-clicking on the services tab.
  • Make a step forward by selecting the General tab and set the startup type from manual to automatic.

QuickBooks database server manager stopped

  • Move towards the log-in tab and switch to the local system account.
  • Select the recovery tab and from the drop-down menu of subsequent failures, choose the restart the service. 
  • Now, close the window and choose to start from the left side of the services window. 

Solution 4: Update Quickbooks Database Server Manager

Updating software can help in many ways to eradicate the error issue. In order to update the Quickbooks database server manager, the user needs to go through the step below:

  • Start the procedure by clicking on the windows start button, and entering Quickbooks into the search bar.
  • Now, select the Quickbooks database server manager and choose the updates option.

QuickBooks database server stopped

  • For installing the latest updates of the Quickbooks database server manager the user needs to follow the instructions shown on the window’s screen.
  • After completing the above steps, try to restart the server and access the company file when the Quickbooks software will be prompted to update the company file.
  • Once creating the backup of the company file, you need to update the company file to the new version.
  • End the process by opening the company file and check whether the Quickbooks database server manager network diagnostic failed error is resolved or not.

With the help of Quickbooks database server manage you can resolve Quickbooks error 6189 and 816.

Solution 5: Download and Run Quickbooks File Doctor Tool 

Quickbooks file doctor tool is a great tool to resolve any kind of Quickbooks errors. It is easy to access which helps in fixing the issue automatically. In order to download and run it the user has to perform some steps given below: 

QuickBooks database server manager stopped

  • The first thing that you need to do is to close Quickbooks.
  • Try to download the latest version of the Quickbooks tool hub. 
  • Follow the instructions shown on your computer’s screen
  • Click on agree to the terms and conditions.
  • After the installation is finished, move towards the icon of the Quickbooks tool hub and open it by double-clicking on it.

With the help of Quickbooks file doctor, you can solve many errors, like- Quickbooks won’t open error, Quickbooks error 6000 77, etc.

Tip: If you are unable to find the icon then search for the Quickbooks tool hub in windows. 

  • Move towards the company file issue from the company file issues tab.
  • Select run Quickbooks file doctor
  • Browse the file that you are having issues with.

QuickBooks database server manager network diagnostics failed

  • Choose to check your file and click on continue.
  • Type Quickbooks admin password hit the next tab.

Once the scan process is done, you can check if the error issue is resolved or not. 

With the above solutions provided below, you can easily resolve the QuickBooks database server manager network diagnostics failure. But, if somehow the error issue still troubling you and your system then you can contact the Quickbooks customer care team. They will surely provide you great help in this matter. Kindly let us know which solutions help in resolving the error issue and share your thoughts about the article in the comment section.