Being a feature-rich accounting software, QuickBooks rules a specific segment of the market. However, the tool’s advanced functionalities often come with issues and glitches. And QuickBooks Desktop error is the most common glitch experienced by QB users. Henceforth, we will discuss the issue in detail with the given guide.

Things You Need To Know About QuickBooks Desktop Crashing Error

QB crashing error is a technical bug that disturbs users by crashing, freezing and hanging the program without input from the user side. Usually, the trouble arises due to any of the following reasons- corrupted files, partial installation, and a lot more. Due to the QB crashing error, you may experience frequent interruptions to your accounting operations. Hence, you need to fix the issue at the earliest possible time. For this, you can proceed with the methods described further below.

Simple Ways To Fix QB Desktop Error

You can follow any of these measures to fix your QB Desktop error:

Method 1: Altercate QBWUSER.INI File

By modifying the saved file extension, you can overcome your system’s trouble to a great extent. Hence, you should know the following steps:
  • Locate the directory folder in the C drive
  • Go to the folder containing the “.ini” file
  • Afterwards, find the “QBWUSER.ini” file
  • Now, rename it by adding “.add” as an extension
  • Afterwards, click the “Enter” key
  • On this page, modify the name with the “DataStore.ecml” file
  •  Lastly, restart the system

Method 2: Modify The Extension Of “.tlg” And “.nd” Files

  • In your system, go to the company files saved with the “.tlg” and “.nd” extensions
  • Subsequently, click on the “Rename” option in the right-click menu
  • At this point, add the “.old” extension to the file name
  • At last, re-launch the QB application

Method 3: Reboot Your Device

Among lists of bug-fixing measures, system rebooting secures a dedicated space. It can also assist in overcoming the system’s trouble. For this, you need to follow these:
  • Firstly, turn off your QB setup
  • In case your system does not respond, kindly turn off the “Design” option
  • Afterwards, go to the “Start” key, and navigate to the “Shut Down” option
  • Now, click on the “Reboot” option
  • Lastly, wait for the system to restart

Utility Of QuickBooks Tool Hub In Fixing The QB Desktop Error

You can follow any of these measures to fix the QuickBooks Desktop Error via the QB Tool Hub facility.

1. QB Tools Hub Installation

  • Firstly, go to the installation facility to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub latest version
  • Now, proceed with the prompts suggested in the installation guide
  • Fill in the details asked in the dialogue box
  • Afterwards, agree to the terms and conditions and press the “Enter” key
  • At this point, the tool will start diagnosing the bug and fix the same

2. Via Quick Fix My Problem Option

In the QB Tool Hub, you should:
  • Navigate to the “Quick Fix My Problem”
  • Afterwards, follow the steps described in the tab
  • Now, launch QuickBooks with your desired data file
  • At this point, your tool will start diagnosing the trouble and suggest possible solutions

3. Through Quick Fix My File Facility

To continue with this option, you should:
  • Click on the “Company File Issues” option
  • Afterwards, navigate to the “Quick Fix My File” bar
  • Lastly, run the tool for diagnosing and fixing the trouble

4. With QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Through the “QB File Doctor Tool”, you can easily fix errors in your device. To proceed with this tool, you need to:
  • Firstly, go to the QuickBooks Tool Hub option
  • Click on the “Company File Issues” tab
  • Run the application to diagnose corrupted files
  • Now, select the company file in the “QuickBooks File Doctor Tool”
  • Tap on the “Check Your File and Network” option and proceed further
  • At this point, the tool will start repairing bugged files in your device

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Other Ways To Fix QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Error

Here are some additional measures you can follow to fix the QB Desktop 2023 error.

Method 1: By Repairing The QB Desktop File

  • In the “Control Panel” window, click on the “Programs and Features” option
  • Now, click on the “Uninstall/Change the Application” tab
  • Tap on the “QuickBooks Desktop” icon
  • Afterwards, navigate to the “Uninstall/Change” option
  • At this point, go to the “Repair” tab
  • Now, grant the necessary permission to diagnose and fix the bug
  • Wait for a few moments and then reboot your computer

Method 2: Disable QuickBooks Windows Firewall

  • Firstly, navigate to the “Start” menu
  • Go to the “Windows Firewall” option and press the “Enter” key
  • Enter the “Settings” menu
  • Subsequently, click the “Windows Firewall” option
  • At this option, disable the firewall for public and private networks
  • Lastly, restart the system and start working on your QB setup

Wrapping Up The Context

After going through the above-mentioned guide, you may have developed a thorough understanding of fixing QuickBooks Desktop errors. In case, if you find anything unaddressed, you can communicate with our QB support executives. We provide around-the-clock customer support facility via voice as well as chat facilities. Connect with our support team by dialing +1-844-734-9204.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2023?

No, there is no QB Desktop Pro 2023 available so far. Instead, under the “QuickBooks Desktop” section, only QB Premier+ 2023 and QB Enterprise+ 2023 are available for purchase.

2. Do I have to re-buy QuickBooks every year?

No, there is no yearly fee to use any QB versions. Instead, you only need to pay for the product price once at the time of purchase. Notably, your bought version will work in your system for three years.

3. What happens after the expiry of my QuickBooks subscription?

Post-expiry of the subscription, you can still access the company files. However, you won’t be able to receive security updates and online services, including payroll, Live Chat, cloud-shifting, etc.

4. How can I communicate with QB ProAdvisors?

To connect with the QB support executives, you can either dial +1-844-734-9204. or go to the live chat option. Third-party-based service executives get their verification from Intuit. So, there is no issue in connecting with them regarding QB-related queries.