Troubled working with an outdated bookkeeping framework? Leave your worry now as it is time to switch to the latest QuickBooks version. Yes! You heard it correctly, QuickBooks Desktop 2023 version is the latest version of the QB framework.

In this version, QuickBooks added a variety of features. Some of these are suitable to centralize the accounting channels, while some can enhance the software’s functionalities. So, let us discuss QuickBooks 2023 in detail.

What Is QuickBooks 2023?

QB 2023 is the latest version of the QuickBooks accounting framework. See, the software is popular among accounting professionals for more than three decades. And, it attained its popularity due to its highly interactive accounting features. So, to keep up with its reputation, the software is coming up in a new avatar.

With its release note, QuickBooks announced that the new version is of great use to all users. So, let us start with the price of the QuickBooks 2023 version.

Cost Of QuickBooks 2023 Version

To update to the latest version, you have two options available at your end, viz., QB Desktop 2023 and Online 2023. The cost of QuickBooks 2023 depends on your subscribed version. So, you should consider your needs first and decide on a particular version.

Price Of QuickBooks Desktop 2023

For the Desktop 2023 variant, the price range is in the following order:

QB Desktop Variant Price
QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Pro Plus USD 549
QB Desktop 2023 Mac Plus USD 549
QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Premier Plus USD 799
QB Desktop Enterprise 23.0 version Same as that of existing versions
QB 2023 ProAdvisor (Individual) USD 799
QuickBooks 2023 ProAdvisor (Multi-User) Enterprise bundle $1299

QuickBooks Online 2023 Version Price

Here are details for the QB online version price:

Product List Cost
QB Online Simple Start USD 30/month
QB Online Essentials USD 55/month
QuickBooks Online+ USD 85/month
QB Online Advance USD 200/month
QB Online Multi-Company Package With the parent version, 30% off on the current retail price, and for additional users USD 20 per user basis

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Features

With the new update, you can get access to the following features in your QuickBooks version:

Mileage Tracker With Enhanced Functionalities

In the 2023 QB version, you can track mileage in a new avatar. Mileage tracking is not a new function, but its enhanced functionalities can assist you in many ways.

For example, the existing QB versions were not compatible with mobile devices. But, the new version is handy with iOS-supported mobile devices. To unlock this, you can go to the company menu. You will get the option to activate mobile compatibility with your QB version.

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As of now, mileage tracking is available for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Pro+, and Premier+.

Cash Flow Management Is Simple With QB 2023

“Cash Flow Hub” is a new feature that allows you to examine, manage, and track the cash flow in your business. This feature is the central hub for-

  • Monitoring organizational transactions
  • Recording account balances
  • Adding accounts to the tracked accounts list
  • Analyzing cash flow trends
  • Monitoring the tool performance over a certain period
  • Regulating past-due invoices and payments


Currently, the feature is available for QB 2023 Desktop+, Enterprise, and accountant users. To access this option, you can go to the company menu and then click on “Manage the Accounts” to check reports.

Node Card Reader

The best thing about the QB 2023 version is its compatibility with recording digital transactions via card reading. Through this feature, users can access contactless cards, Apple pay, GPay, and other payment options. To utilize this feature, you can click on the pick customers tab and head to the received payment option in the menu bar.


The facility to track cardless payments is available for users of QB Desktop 2023 Pro+, Premier+, and Accountant+.

Additional Features In QB 2023

Besides the aforementioned features, the QB 2023 comes with the following features:

Employment Verification By Equifax

Employment and earning verification is the new feature that users can find with the QB 2023 version. QuickBooks and Equifax collaborated to bring something new to the users. With this feature, you can automate employment verification requests and merge employee payrolls in QB data. Moreover, this feature can bring swiftness and simplicity to information requests in your QB version.

Process Clearance For Billing And Purchasing Orders

With this function, one can enhance business supervision and reduce frivolous entries to the billing data. The need for such features has been in demand for so long, and QB inducted this functionality to bring seamlessness to the process chain.

The bill and purchase order workflow can assist you in delegating payable accounts and purchase order activities. Moreover, transaction monitoring with automated audit trail information can help you to meet deadlines.

To get access to this feature, you need to

  • Log in as the admin user
  • Open the menu bar and go for Company
  • Set up approval processes and clear up the bookkeeping process


To enjoy the functionalities of this feature, you must be a user of QB Enterprise Accountant 23.0 or QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (Platinum or Diamond) 23.0.

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Inventory Categorization As Per Products’ Expiration

With QuickBooks Desktop 2023, you can manage your inventory on an expiration basis. See, in regular inventory management systems, businesses were stuck with the issue of selling expired products. Therefore, to fix this, QuickBooks introduced a product expiry feature.

To utilize this feature, you need to

  • First, sign in to the admin tab
  • Select the edit and preferences option
  • Now, go for the Serial/Lot No and Expiry tab
  • There, click on the “Advanced Inventory Settings” key
  • Now, you can pick items that you want to award lot number/expiry date

Category-wise allocation helps to simplify the distribution framework. Moreover, it can help you to clear existing stocks through stock clearance sales.


There is no doubt that QB is a 360-degree solution for your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. And after reading the aforementioned guide, you may have developed a thorough understanding of the 2023 version.

In case, if you wish to know more about QuickBooks Desktop 2023, you can connect with our QuickBooks support team. For this, you can opt for chat support or call-based support by dialing the toll-free number +1-844-734-9204.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the new features in QB Desktop 2023?

With the 2023 QB version, you can get access to the following features:

  1. Advanced cash flow management
  2. Inventory categorization for better processing
  3. Simplified billing and purchase order framework
  4. Employment and transaction framework
  5. A modern framework for payment processing

How do I update QB Desktop to the 2023 version?

To update to the latest version, you can go to the “Help” section and check for the latest updates. Other than this, you can connect with QuickBooks experts by dialing the toll-free number +1-844-734-9204.

How much is QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2023?


The base price for QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2023 is $549.

Is the Desktop 2023 version of QB requires a subscription?

No, you do not need a subscription to use QB Desktop for your accounting framework. Instead, you only need to purchase the software by making a one-time payment.

How long is the QB Desktop version good for?

By purchasing the software program, you can access QuickBooks updates from Intuit till May 2024.