Quickbooks is considered as top-rated accounting software for small and medium-sized business owners. It has tremendous features that help in dealing with the financial aspects of the business. This software has many editions and business owners can choose any of the editions suitable for their work requirements. It makes you handle your business smoothly and saves your time and patience. You can easily keep a record of your expenses, send invoices, data, payments, tax, transactions, sales, track your flow of cash, budget, etc.

QuickBooks can be accessed on any internet browser be it Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or Mac. The great thing that happened is that Quickbooks is also available for Mac users. 

What Exactly is QuickBooks in Mac?

quickbooks enterprise for mac

For Mac users, Intuit has developed the QuickBooks Mac edition. The three available editions are- Quickbooks Enterprise, Quickbooks Pro, and QuickBooks Premier. 

Features Available for Mac Users 

  • Notifications on time.
  • Auto Contacts Sync
  • Timely Calendar Reminders 
  • Access to finances, taxes, and sales of the company.
  • Easy Prints.
  • You can quickly access the details of customers and vendors.
  • Tracking bank as well as card statements to generate reports if there is any discrepancy or changes in transactions.
  • You can enable multiple invoices that will help build your business. 
  • Simple purchase orders to save your time.
  • Email tracker is also available which can help you to track emails sent to vendors and customers.
  • You can set order prints and access saved details.
  • Quickbooks Mac 2021’; What is new?
  • Improved customization, perfect usability, great presentation, and easy navigation.
  • You can customize, widgets, layouts, and date range also.
  • Password-protected files to save your precious information related to tax, billings.
  • Quickbooks Mac 2021 also included a modified process, especially for bounced checks.
  • You can import excel data in no time.
  • Tracking sales and income is super easy.
  • You can equally turn on payroll services to check calculations, check payment, direct deposits, tax form filing. 

QuickBooks Mac Desktop: Check for Minimum Requirements

  • macOS 10.14 (Mohave) and it should be supported by macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • 2GB Ram but it is better to go for 4GB Ram
  • Multi-User Server
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Intel Processor
  • Product Registration
  • Macintosh compatible printer
  • To print checks, use Intuit Checks

Points to remember while Installing QuickBooks Mac Desktopquickbooks enterprise for mac download

Although there should be no problem as such, prevention is always better than cure. So, you must keep few points which include:

  • Make sure to check minimum system requirements because there are many versions of Mac. checking this will ensure speedy installation.
  • Return the product in case you have bought QuickBooks for Windows instead of Mac.
  • Always prepare license and product number. Look for an email confirmation containing the numbers.
  • For a hard copy, look at the scratch-off label on the product’s packaging.

Some Limitations of Quickbooks for Mac

  • You can’t access data through mobiles. This leads to frustration as the entire world uses mobile but QuickBooks online doesn’t allow access to data through smartphones.
  • You will get unlimited Tech Supported for one month only and then you will need to purchase the plan.
  • Only three user licenses are allowed in the Mac version of QuickBooks.

These limitations don’t affect a user that much, so the work is not obstructed in between. 

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Quickbooks Enterprise for Mac download and Install without any Hassle

While installing Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop for Mac, there are a few points you need to keep in your mind. 

First- You can download a digital copy but for that, you must have the product and license number in your email confirmation.

In case, you are not able to locate the license number then you can use a tool by searching on the internet built especially to locate the information. The tool will make your search through email or phone. 

Secondly- You can buy a physical copy, for that scratch off the label and you will get the number of licenses and products.

The process of downloading QuickBooks for Mac

  • Download QuickBooks Desktop for the Mac version or a hard copy in case you have bought it from a retailer.

(Note- If you are unable to download, then try to clear your browsing history and delete cache data as well as cookies. If still, the problem persists then try to download from another browser.quickbooks enterprise for mac

  • Close applications.
  • Insert the disc into the Mac CD drive. Now, the windows are related to QuickBooks installation automatically.
  • Open the application folder and shift QuickBooks icons there. quickbooks enterprise for mac
  • Now, if you want to open the application, just select the QuickBooks icon.

quickbooks enterprise for mac

Errors you will find in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Even though Mac editions of QuickBooks are well functioning but still it sometimes can lead to errors. This is the most irritating thing to face while working on any software as it prevents you from using this software properly. As Quickbooks is very crucial for organizations related to business and finance, dealing with errors can lead to huge losses to any business.

  • Installation Errors: Make sure that the installation process is done carefully or it will lead to damaged company life and frozen or stuck Quickbooks
  • Upgrade Errors: Before downloading the newer version of the software, check the requirements of your system. There is a possibility that the newer version could not meet the system requirements. 
  • Functionality Error: If there is no proper up gradation and installation of the QuickBooks, you will have some functional errors. 

Users also face trouble while converting Company File. Having difficulties in handling more than one user’s license.

Ways to Fix Errors in Mac Editions of QuickBooks

After discussing the types of errors you can face while using QuickBooks for Mac. let’s move on to fix them also. If you are facing Installation Errors, Upgrade Errors, or Functionality Errors, we have already mentioned the ways to download the software properly and the requirements of Mac to support QuickBooks.  Below mentioned are some Quickbooks enterprise solutions for Mac.

Upgrade and Convert the Company File

In case, you have upgraded to the newest version of Quickbooks then update the company file also to make it compatible with the newer version.

  • Open the company file and select upgrade. 
  • Hit OK.quickbooks enterprise solutions for mac
  • Make sure you have converted the correct file by checking your accounts, balances, and other details.
Multi-user set up in case of having more than one User License

Set your QuickBooks in Multi-user (If you have two user licenses) to access files.

  • Go to the Multi-user folder.
  • Shift QB icons to the Application folder.
  • Go to Authenticate option and enter your username and password.
  • Hit OK.
  • Open the company file after launching QuickBooks.
  • Open File, enable Multi-user Mode and share the company file.
Convert your Company File to QuickBooks

If you were using QuickBooks enterprise 2015 for mac, and you want to convert your file to QBO, you have to update the company file to the newer version. All you have to do is open the file in the latest QuickBooks version. Then you will see the upgrade option. Hit OK and check your balance and accounts to make sure that the file is converted.

We have tried our best to find relevant information about everything related to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. QuickBooks for Mac is not much different from QuickBooks Online. So, you will not come across any big problem while using it. If you face a complex error that could not be fixed by the solutions mentioned here, then you can always contact QuickBooks error support where there are solutions provided directly by experts. Their guidance will help you resolve the error instantly.