Errors are essential constituents of any software. If these do not occur on your device, you may not be using the right software. And the same story fits true with QuickBooks. In this software, users encounter many technical glitches. And QuickBooks error 1402 is one trouble that users often encounter on their systems.

With this guide, we will cover the basics of this error. Moreover, you will get to learn how you can troubleshoot the same. Thus, read through this guide to hone your knowledge about the same.

What Is QB Error 1402?

The error code 1402 is a technical glitch that happens during company file installation. Meanwhile, this also happens when you operate or work on the QB payroll version. Thus, the causes for the occurrence of this error vary significantly. However, the nature remains the same, i.e. errors in company files. Hence, you can say that the error code 1402 troubles the operation of company files.

Reasons Responsible For Error Code 1402

On your device, you may experience the error code due to any of the following reasons:

  • Presence of corrupted installation files
  • Insertion of a damaged compatible disk (CD) for file installation
  • Inadequate or partially installed software also contributes to the occurrence of this error
  • The expired version of QB Desktop
  • An outdated OS version can also trigger the setup to face the glitch

Error Code 1402: Preventive Steps

“Seeking prevention is always better than seeking cure”. This tenet fits true for the error code 1402. It is because the glitch can interrupt your performance to a greater degree. Thus, you can follow these steps to prevent the occurrence of the error.

1. Backup Creation

Routine backing up of data is the best way of preventing the error code 1402.

2. Allow Complete Installation

There are instances when you interrupt the installation in the mid. This is one of the prime causes behind the corruption of company files. Thus, you should wait for the installation of company files.

3. Clear Junk Files From The System

The presence of junk files is one of the major causes of the error. These interrupt software performance to a great degree. Hence, you should clear junk files to ensure the smoothness of the device

Methods To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1402

Troubleshooting the glitch becomes easy when you know the right way. Moreover, suggestions from QuickBooks tech support can help you with your cause. Till then, you can proceed with these steps to troubleshoot the cause:

Method 1: Through The Selective Startup Mode

Among many ways, the selective startup mode is the best method to troubleshoot the error. You can follow these steps to proceed with this method:

QuickBooks Error 1402

Step 1: Data Preparation

  • First, prepare a backup of company files
  • Then, maintain a copy of your software details

Step 2: Run The System In Selective Startup Mode

  • In this step, you need to consecutively click on Windows + R keys to run the command
  • Subsequently, enter “msconfig” and press the “Enter” key
QuickBooks Error 1402
  • Now, move to the “Selective Startup” option available in the general tab
  • Followed by this, select the “load system services” option
  • Furthermore, head to the services tab
  • Later on, hit the “hide all MS services” tab
  • Afterwards, disable all settings from the tab menu

Step 3: Permit The “Hide All MS Services” Settings

Follow these suggestions to proceed with this step:

QuickBooks Error 1402
  • Ensure the selection of the Windows installer checkbox from the services list
  • Afterwards, click on the Ok tab
  • Later on, click on the “Restart” option available on the system configuration window

Step 4: Re-install QB Desktop

In this step, you need to re-install QuickBooks Desktop by proceeding with the requisite steps.

Step 5: Move To The Normal Startup Mode

  • First, use the Windows and R keys simultaneously
QuickBooks Error 1402


  • Afterwards, write “msconfig” in the dashboard
  • Next, hit the “Ok” key
  • In the General tab menu, select the “normal startup” option
  • Later on, press the “Enter” key
  • Lastly, restart the system to save changes on the device

Applicability Of Install Diagnostic Tool

Another way to seek QuickBooks support involves the use of the install diagnostic tool. You can follow these steps to continue with this method:

  • First, shut QuickBooks from the background menu
  • Now, open Intuit’s official site to check the latest version of the QuickBooks tool hub
  • Afterwards, save the tool hub file on your device
  • Now, locate the saved file on your desktop
  • Later on, choose the home tab
  • Now, the version will appear at the bottom right corner
  • Subsequently, open the downloaded file
  • Followed by this, perform the onscreen steps to install the file
  • Then, open the tool hub program
Quickbooks Tool hub


  • In the tool hub menu, click on the “Installation issues” tab
  • Next, select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool and allow it to diagnose the issue
  • Following this, shut down all programs running in the background
QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool


  • Wait for the issue diagnosis (the time varies on a system-to-system basis)
  • Lastly, restart the system to save the changes

Windows Expiry Can Also Be A Potential Cause

Many times, the expiry of the Windows version can contribute to the occurrence of the error. Thus, you can follow these steps to fix the issue at your end:

  • First, click on the “Start” button
  • Next, go to the Windows icon available at the bottom left corner of the screen
Windows update
  • Now, check for updating the QB option
  • Followed by this, check for updates and search for the available updates
QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool
  • Next, install all pending updates
  • Lastly, restart the device to allow the system to work properly

Re-install QB Desktop

Corruption of QB files is also a significant cause of error code 1402. That is why we recommend you follow these steps to troubleshoot the error.

  • First, press the “Start” key
  • Next, locate Control Panel on your system
  • Subsequently, open the control panel
  • Later on, select the “Programs and Features” option
QuickBooks Desktop
  • After this, head to “Add or Remove” programs
  • Next, select QuickBooks and Uninstall the same
  • Lastly, restart your device and re-install the software on your device

Wrapping It Up

After reading through the guide, you may be well aware of QuickBooks error 1402. Alternatively, you can connect with QB ProAdvisors to get a personalized support setup. For this, we offer both call and chat-based facilities. Thus, you can dial the toll-free number 18447349204 to connect with QB experts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is QB Error 1402?

The error code 1402 relates to the installation of company files. This occurs because the software fails to recognize device components. Thus, you should update your system components to prevent the occurrence of errors.

How Can I Fix QuickBooks Error On My Device?

You can troubleshoot QB errors with the help of the tool hub menu. For this, you can follow these steps to fix the cause:

  • First, close QuickBooks running on your device
  • Next, download the tool hub app from Intuit’s official website
  • Now, open the downloaded file on your device
  • At this juncture, follow the on-screen steps to install the software on your device
  • After the pp installation, go to the app menu
  • There, select the program problems tab
  • Furthermore, click on the Quick Fix my Problems tab
  • Now, the tool will diagnose and fix the issue
  • At last, restart your device to save the changes

How Do I Contact QuickBooks For Support?

You can contact QB for support by dialing the toll-free number 18447349204. Besides, you can use the chat-based support facility to fix your cause.

Does QuickBooks Allow Chat Support Facility?

Yes, QuickBooks supports a 24/7 chat-based support facility.

What Are QuickBooks Customer Care Hours?

The support hours of QuickBooks depend on your subscribed version. Moreover, you can subscribe to our support framework if want 24/7 personalized support. For more details, you can dial 18447349204.

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