Quickbooks has widely used software that gives financial and accounting help to users having small and medium businesses. QuickBooks is preferred by millions for easy online payments, payroll, generating invoices, tracking taxes, expenses, and many other things.  It has changed people’s traditional way of dealing with accounts with advanced processes. 

An important feature of QuickBooks accounting software is Payroll. It helps users to process payroll without any hassle. But since this is software, it is prone to errors and bugs. While working on QuickBooks, users often come across errors that can lead to obstruction in the middle of the work. There are many such errors like QuickBooks Error 15106QuickBooks Error 1334, 15222, 12029, 3371, 1904, etc. 

One such error is QuickBooks Error 15222. Users get error 15222 when they download a Payroll or QuickBooks Desktop update.  As Quickbooks is very crucial for organizations related to business and finance, dealing with errors can lead to loss to any business.  So, in order to return to your important work, you need to fix this error as soon as possible.

Here, you will read about this error in detail and proven solutions to get rid of this problem. So, next time, you come in trouble because of this error, just go through this post and fix your problem permanently. quickbooks 15222 error

What exactly is Error 15222 QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Error 15222 is related to errors in the payroll service. When QuickBooks fails to make a connection with the internet and is unable to download the updated files. The payroll update holds an important place for users who calculate their employees’ salaries. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 15222

There are many reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks update error 15222, Quickbooks error 15222 windows 10, and QuickBooks error 15222 windows 7. Below are some reasons mentioned:

  • QuickBooks Desktop update is seen as a threat by Antispyware and Antimalware. When this happens, it leads to this error.
  • Failure of Internet Explorer while registering digital signatures.
  • Not setting Internet Explorer as a default browser. Quickbooks update error 12029 is also one of the Quickbooks errors which occur because of internet bugs.
  • Firewall can also block QuickBooks updates causing QuickBooks update error 15222.
  • The user has not set time and date correctly in the system causing an update error.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15222 

Now, you must have got some idea of what exactly this error is and what it can do to your work. Let’s jump to the solutions to fix this error permanently. These solutions will stop errors from stopping your work. Read each solution attentively and make sure you follow all steps properly.

Solution 1: Set Internet Explorer as your Default Browser

quickbooks 15222 error Make Internet Explorer Default Browser

If you have not set Internet Explorer as your default browser then you will definitely face this error. So, this is the first thing you need to do.

  • Open Internet Explorer browser.
  • Click on Tools and then Internet options.
  • Go to the Programs tab and select the make default option.
  • Hit OK.
  • Re-update Quickbooks software.

Now check if the date and time are correct or not. Below are the steps to do the process:

  • Click on Time Display
  • In the window of date and time setting, Confirm the date and time.
  • Choose the Time Zone according to your region.

If the problem persists even after using the file doctor tool then follow solution 2.

Solution 2: Installing Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature

Without installing a digital signature, you will face errors in QuickBooks updates. So, make sure to install this for the hassle. Follow the below mentioned process:

  • Open File Manager and type C:\ProgramFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks
  • Go to QBW32.exe and tab on Properties.
  • You will see a few tabs on the screen, select Digital Signature.
  • In the signature list, select Intuit, inc.
  • Select Details and innew window go to View Certificate.
  • Then install the Certificate.
  • Click on the finish after the installation is complete.
  • Reboot your system to check if the changes are made.
  • Download the QuickBooks update to check whether the error has been fixed or not.

Solution 3: Cipher Strength

  • Go to https://www.intuit.com/. in Internet Explorer. Press Alt to highlight the menu bar.
  • Go to file and then properties.
  • Under connection check whether the details of encryption are 128bit or not. If it is less then Internet Explorer is damaged which is causing the update to fail. You can contact Microsoft support to fix the error step by step.

Solution 4: Download Quickbooks File Doctor or QuickBooks Tool Hub

You can either download Quickbooks File Doctor separately or use it via QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • Install and run the tool.
  • The tool will check all folders in your system to ensure the hosting is working properly.
  •  Through permission setting you can control and access the system, then you will be able to locate and access the damaged file to rectify the error.

Solution 5: Change the Settings of Windows Firewall


Windows 10

  • Go to settings and then to Update and Security.
  • Select Windows Security and open it.
  • Under it, select Firewall and Network protection.
  • In sequence, select, Public Network, Domain, Private Network.
  • Turn off Windows Defender Firewall. 

You can also add Quickbooks as an exception to change firewall settings. Follow the below-mentioned process.

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to tools and search for firewall settings.
  • Navigate to exceptions under it.

Add the following as firewall exceptions:

  • QuickBooks.com
  • QBW32.exe
  • Payroll.com
  • Intuit.com
  • qbupdate.exe

You can fix QuickBooks Error 15222 by following the above solutions. But just in case, you are facing a more complex issue and could not fix the error on your own then you can always call QuickBooks error support where there are solutions provided directly by experts. They can help you with complex errors related to Quickbooks. They give priority to the queries and give the best solutions so that you can assume your accounting.