Quickbooks Error 15240 is a common upgrade error that happens as users attempt to update their payroll in QuickBooks. This is the most popular Quickbooks bug, and it’s also the simplest to fix.

Quickbooks is the most flexible and user-friendly software for small to mid-sized businesses to track their budgets and other financial details. Quickbooks Accounting software is developed and marketed by Intuit, an American software development firm. Running a company in this day and age is difficult if the financial statements are not handled properly. Intuit offers a forum for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as non-profit organizations, to conveniently and securely manage their financial records on a cloud-based server.

QuickBooks allows consumers to handle their clients, suppliers, staff, file taxes, and so on. While Quickbooks is a strong and efficient platform for managing all financial data under one roof, it has some weaknesses that cause some technological errors known as Quickbooks Errors or QB Errors. Some of these errors are triggered by network issues, and others are caused by a device error. Some of the failures are caused by network problems, and others are caused by a flaw in the upgrade.

Quickbooks Error 15240 is often an error that occurs as a result of a flaw in an installation or when updating Payroll in Quickbooks. Let’s go over this mistake in more detail, as well as the explanations for it. Lately, we will inform you of the remedies to the above error in specific steps to help you overcome the error.

Quickbooks update error 15241 also occurs while doing payroll or update tasks. It has been reported that many users are experiencing the error. You can check out our latest article to fix this error.

Explained QuickBooks Update Error 15240

It is mandatory to update Quickbooks and its functionality on a regular basis in order to prevent problems and interruptions in Quickbooks, but sometimes, when updating Quickbooks Payroll, a typical error known as error 15240 Quickbooks occurs.

As this error occurs, you will see the following messages in a pop-up message box on the display screen:

QuickBooks error 15240- HRESULTXXXX the Quickbooks Update did not complete successfully.  

If the balance of the QuickBooks account cannot be updated, the above-mentioned error message appears on the computer, which can be troublesome because it delays the accuracy of the financial year estimate.

Quickbooks Payroll Error 15240 will occur in all of the Microsoft Windows operating systems mentioned below.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10 
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista  

Indications of this error

The presence of each of these signs in your system indicates the presence of error 15240 QuickBooks in your Quickbooks desktop. To identify the defect, keep all of the following signals in mind.

  • Quickbooks would not allow you to update the most recent edition of QB payroll.
  • The performance of the computer will be sluggish and heavy.
  • Your computer will respond sluggishly to input devices.
  • The computer would begin to crash regularly.
  • Concurrently, the system would begin to freeze

Causes of Error Code 15240 Quickbooks 

It is beneficial to be aware of the causes before trying to solve the issue. Since it aids in a thorough understanding of the mistake. Behind any error incident, there are certain causes or variables that caused the error to appear and prevent users from continuing to work in Quickbooks. These are some of the causes of Quickbooks error 15240.

  • If the user is running an old version of Quickbooks.
  • If the user has not logged in as an Administrator.
  • The designated file connection is incomplete, incorrect, or invalid, but the shared download is working.
  • If the user has Quickbooks set to use multi-user mode in the terminal service settings. Quickbooks error code h202 also occurs because the settings of Quickbooks is set to multi-user mode.

Now that you know all the signs and factors of Quickbooks payroll error 15240, it’s time to get ahead to the segment of the solution with multiple steps.

Ways to solve Quickbooks Payroll error 15240   

Here are some of the solutions to erase the Quickbooks error 15240 from the Quickbooks.

Solution 1: By using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool  

QuickBooks-Error-15240 install diagnostic tool of Quickbooks tool hub

  • Install the QB Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Download the QB install diagnostic tool from Intuit’s official website.
  • After installing the QB install diagnostic tool, save the configuration file. Now, using your cursor, navigate to the file QuickBooksDesktopInstallDiagnosticTool.exe, pick it, and then press the Run choice.
  • Then, when the license agreement page appears on the phone, choose yes.
  • Now that the Qb install diagnostic Tool has been successfully installed, restart your device.
  • QB Install Diagnostic Tool can be used to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Go to the QB Diagnostic Tool first.
  • To begin the scan, click the “Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool” tab.
  • This procedure will take some time to complete.
  • This method will take some time to check the device for errors and correct them.
  • After the diagnosis is complete, simply restart the system and ensure that all of QuickBooks’ critical components are up to date.

QuickBooks error 1723 generally appears when using the software. Whenever this error occurs, the error message says “Error 1723”. There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run”. With the help of the Install diagnostic tool, you can also solve this Quickbooks error 1723.

Solution 2: Ensure you are using Quickbooks as an Administrator 


QuickBooks-Error-15240 run quickbooks administrator

  • Go to your screen and right-click on the QuickBooks button.
  • Select the Run as Administrator choice.

Solution 3: Reinstall the Quickbooks with Clean Install tool

Error 15240 quickbooks tool hub clean oinstall

  • On the computer, choose the Start Menu.
  • Now, navigate to the Control Panel and select the Uninstall a program option.
  • Then, select the Quickbooks Application and select the Uninstall/Changes the App option.
  • Pick the uninstall option and obey the on-screen instructions to remove the App from the computer.
  • Now, download the QuickBooks clean install utility from Intuit’s official website and run it via the device.
  • To accept the Quickbooks Tool Hub‘s terms and conditions, choose the choice I accept.
  • Select the correct Quickbooks version and press the proceed button.
  • To reinstall Quickbooks, click Ok and then Install Quickbooks.
  • Now, on your laptop, launch the Quickbooks desktop application.

Solution 4: Check the Time and Date is Correct in the System

  • To launch, go to the system’s Start Button and press on it.
  • Now, go to the search field and type control before clicking the OK button.
  • Now, in the list, select the control panel option.
  • Navigate to the Change Date and Time Setting page.
  • Correctly change the date and time.
  • To save the changes, select the Apply option and then click the OK button.

Solution 5: Check the setting of MS Internet Explorer

internet explorer error

  • First and foremost, launch Internet Explorer.
  • Pick Internet Options from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer settings.
  • Then click the Advanced button.
  • Now, navigate down until you see the SSL2.0 and SSL3.0 options.
  • Label the boxes next to both options with Check Sing.
  • Apply and OK are the next steps.

Solution 6: Allow Permission to QuickBooks Installation folder 

  • To begin, close QuickBooks Desktop and launch Windows File Manager.
  • Navigate to C:Program Files and right-click the Intuit folder.
  • Then, choose the Properties option and then the Advanced tab.
  • Check to see if the User Group is set as the Owner.
  • Now, go to the Advanced Security Settings section and change to the Owners section by clicking Change left.
  • Now, in the Enter, the object name to pick field, type the User names and then press Check Names.
  • Click OK, then choose the Replace owner on sub containers and artifacts checkbox.
  • Then, click Apply, and then OK.
  • Select Users and then Full Control from the Permissions section.
  • Lately, press the Apply button once more.


The details provided above should help to address the payroll upgrade problem. This article contains all of the details about QuickBooks Error 15240, and it is explicitly stated that this error happened when a user attempted to amend Quickbooks payroll. This article also includes the signs and factors of this Quickbooks error in the following section, which is useful in correcting errors. Finally, you can learn the various strategies for resolving QB errors in a quick and easy manner using a step-by-step tutorial.