Quickbooks is the accounting software developed with easy-to-access features through which the user can lead the business to the progressing path. With Quickbooks, the user can easily take the advantage of so many features from just one platform. Most tiny or small companies emerge into the big companies with the use of Quickbooks. But, it is also often troubled with some errors that lead to losing data and programs stored in the system. In this guide, we will be discussing Quickbooks error 6000 80 that can also hinder your system and later on, business functionality. There are other errors named Quickbooks error 6000 77, Quickbooks error 6144 82 which also belong to 6000 series error. 

In this guide below, we will be providing you everything related to the error and how you can get rid of it with some simple solutions. So, you do not need to be worried as we at mathomatic again come to help you. We just want you to perform all these solutions carefully without skipping any step and yes, it can be a bit time-consuming but the result you will get with these solutions is worth your time. So, stay connected till the end and resolve the Quickbooks error code 6000 80 with these simple and easy solutions. 

Before proceeding, we first go through what is Quickbooks error -6000, -80, what are the causes to it and how can you resolve it. Without wasting the time. Let’s get started with the basic understanding of Quickbooks error code 6000 80.

What is Quickbooks error 6000 80? 

QuickBooks error code 6000 80

Quickbooks error 6000 80 commonly knows as a software error that appears on the system’s screen when the user tries to give a command to Quickbooks to open or access the company file but due to some glitches and technical issues, Quickbooks brings this error. 

The error can also occur during the task of the program installation, installation of the Windows software package, and while you are having some Quickbooks-related programs or files running in the background.

The error hinders all the ongoing tasks in the system and also restricts the functionality of the business that is essentially required for the growth of businesses. This error can also harm the data and programs stored in the system. So, you need to tackle the error as soon as possible and with this guide, you can easily eradicate it.

What are the Triggers to Quickbooks error code 6000 80?

Causes are as much important as troubleshooting as they will provide enough guidance to remove those causes from the system that hinders your system and the data stored in it. So, check out the causes here that bring Quickbooks error code 6000 80.

  • When the internet does not perform well then you can have the error. 
  • Quickbooks data files become corrupted and damaged.
  • Quickbooks software becomes unable to communicate with the server then you can have the error.
  • Data within the company files become damaged. When company files get corrupted then there are chances to occur Quickbooks won’t open error.
  • When the restored data could not communicate with the server.
  • Encountering a sudden crash while opening the company file.
  • During the opening of the Quickbooks company file, the data sources become damaged.

Solutions to Solve Quickbooks 6000 80? 

In this section, you will be provided two cases according to which you can perform solutions and troubleshoot Quickbooks 6000 80. So, let’s started with the first case.

Case 1: For Single User Mode

Solution 1: Run Quickbooks Company File Diagnostic Tool

1. You are required to first download & install the Quickbooks Company File Diagnostic Tool.

2. Run the tool.

what is QuickBooks error -6000. -80

3. If Quickbooks company file diagnostic tool detects the damage but cannot repair it. Then, you should go with two alternatives.

  • First is creating the backup of the company file and then restoring it.
  • The second is using Auto Data Recovery to restore the data.

4. At last, try to share the data with Intuit’s Data Recovery team. They will help you to recover it. 

Solution 2: Copy the company file to the local drive

QuickBooks error 6000 80

1. Add extension .qbb to Quickbooks backup file and copy it. Then, do the same by adding this extension .qbw to the QB company file and update it to a local hard drive.

2. Now, you can update/restore the backup QB company files.

3. Copy the restored company file to the location where it is originally placed. 

Case 2: For Multi-User Mode

Moving on with these solutions if you are using Quickbooks in multi-user mode.

Solution 1: Use Quickbooks Company File Diagnostic Tool
  • Go to the download page of Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • Download the tool by typing in the email address & agreeing with the terms & conditions by clicking on the tab named I agree.
  • Now, you can use the tool.

Now, if your file opens successfully under the Advanced option in the green check-mark then it tells that there is no problem or issue with the network connection. If you see that the error persists then you can move towards solution number 2

Solution 2: Copy the QB file to the local C drive
  • Add the extension .qbb to the QB Company file and copy it or go to the file that you desire to update and backup it to a local hard drive.
  • Now, update the backup QB Company files.
  • Lastly, move the recently updated QB Company file to the original location by copying it.
Solution 3: Fix Quickbooks 6000 80 manually

If the Quickbooks file diagnostic tool or Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool becomes unable to run into your system then you can perform this solution. Here are some steps that will lead you to carry out the process.

Step 1: Update Quickbooks

QuickBooks 6000 80

1. The first thing that you need to do is to update the Quickbooks to the latest release.

2. Now, select from two of these update options and carry on by following the instructions:

  • Manual Updates
  • Automatic Updates

If you are having the Quickbooks error 6000 80 on your system then follow the next step.

Step 2:  Configure Firewall

Tip: Intuit does not provide any help for all the issues incorporated with the firewall. You need to ask for a firewall application provider to resolve the issues related to the Quickbooks firewall settings.

1. Look for the update of firewall & internet security.

2. Navigate to the official website of Microsoft and check out the firewall configuration process.

If the error still appears then the real cause could be some other. In order to eradicate the cause that is bringing hindrances into the system. Move towards the next step.

Step 3:  Check the permissions accessing the QB Company file

1. Go to the Setup Folder Permissions and share the QB company file. Keep in mind to set up the permissions correctly.

QuickBooks error 6000 80

2. Now, set up the Quickbooks permissions. 

Move towards step 4 if the error still appears.

Step 4: Scan Quickbooks Company file

In order to craft the Network Descriptor (.nd) file, you need to scan the folder where the company file is located. Through the .nd file, you can store all the host files on the computer.

1. Navigate to Windows and click on the Start icon.

2. Then, proceed with Programs > Quickbooks > Quickbooks Database Server Manager.

3. Click on the Add folder and then move to the QB company file folder.

4. Go to the scan tab if you added all the folders successfully.

QuickBooks error code 6000 80

5. Moving on with selecting Quickbooks data files appearing under the tab of Quickbooks company file. Hit the close tab.

6. Search the folder having all the Quickbooks company files and keep in mind to craft every QB file with the extension .QBW .ND.

Key Notes to Consider
  • Click on the program menu.
  • If there is no icon of Quickbooks Database Server Manager.
  • Install the Quickbooks application again.
  • Select the option saying I’ll be using Quickbooks on this computer, and I’ll be storing our company file here so it can share our network.”

Follow step no. 5 if none of the steps performed well in your system and you still get troubled with the Quickbooks error code 6000 80.

Step 5: Verify the hosting on your system

The machine that has the turned-on hosting feature under the network environment is assumed to be the only computer where the Quickbooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM) is installed. You need to scan the Quickbooks company file while the hosting turns on.

  • Computer workstation
  • Server
Step 6: Verify the data damage through the Company file

To resolve the error, you have to do this step of verifying the data damage with the company file. 

Use the host computer to access the QB file

1. Move towards the system having QB company files stored. 

2. In case, you are having the server installed on the host computer then you can move the Copy file to another location and click on that.

3. Open the Quickbooks software & QB company file that receives the error message.

  • If you can access and open the Quickbooks company file through the computer then check the Quickbooks company file.
  • If can’t then copy the file to some other location.

4. Try to rebuild the QB company file with the instruction provided to you by the Quickbooks application. 

Tip: In case, you will get no issues in the QB Company file but still the error prompts up then move towards the copy file to another location provided below.

Copy the file to another location

1. Open the folder having the QB company file.

2. Go to the file name and select the copy icon.

3. On the Windows desktop icon, hit the empty area & select the Paste tab.

4. Open the Quickbooks application and later on try to access the QB company file on the desktop.

5. If the error still pops up then the system might contain damage to your Quickbooks data. 

  • Go to the new backed-up QB company file and restore it.
  • Share the QB company file with Quickbooks Data Recovery Team.
  • You can also contact Quickbooks technical support and request data recovery services.

6. Copy the Quickbooks company file back to its original location if it opens successfully.

Note: you need to keep in mind that you rename the original company file name before copying the file that opened from the desktop recently. And also, do not try to paste over the existing company file.

  • Go to the folder that has the original (damaged) Quickbooks company file and rename it through prefixes like OLD or DAMAGED.
  • Like, if you are having the original QB company file as CompanyFile then rename it as OLD_CompanyFile or DAMAGED_CompanyFIle.
  • Now, close your Quickbooks.
  • Choose the copy option from the QB Company file.
  • Open that folder having the QB company file originally stored.
  • On the window screen, right-click on the empty area and click on the Paste tab.
  • Open the Quickbooks company file from its original location.

With all these troubleshooting methods you can easily resolve the Quickbooks error 6000 80. We hope that your system will become error-free with these effective solutions.

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We have provided top-notch solutions. You can easily get rid of the error from these solutions. However, dial the contact no. of Quickbooks customer care team if the error persists and the system shows another issue. Along with, jump straight to the site if you face any other Quickbooks error in the future. Here you will find easy and quick solutions to resolve any hindrances. Check out our other article on Quickbooks error -6000, -77.