Beating all other accounting software, QuickBooks emerges as the leading accounting software. Quickbooks has come a long run since its launching. No one knows that one day this software will provide the user all the different features in just one platform. Intuit is the real reason behind Quickbook’s popularity all over the world as it does not stop by giving us the right tool of finance but always comes up with its updated versions and other tools like Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery, and Quickbooks Tool Hub. Through these features, it becomes a user-friendly tool. The user can access anything at any time and at any place with this one software. This software makes the most use of accounting by featuring some of the best elements.

But, sometimes due to some technical glitches, Quickbooks often gets errors that can harm the user’s system and data stored in different programs. Quickbooks Error 6210 is one such error that generally occurs in the multi-user mode. Some of the Quickbooks errors can be easily removed but for some, we need some guidance. In this article, we are going to provide you the same. You will have a quick guide to resolve the Quickbooks error code 6210 0. As if you are having this error on your system then you can easily fix it. So, read the full article containing everything that you need to know about Quickbooks error 6210 0.

What is Quickbooks Error code 6210? 

quickbooks error code 6210 0

As we told you earlier the Quickbooks error code mostly occurs in the multi-user mode. It can also be called a multi-user error. When the multi-user mode is accessed by the user. Rather than this reason, Quickbooks error code -6210, 0 occurs when the computer is not in a state to do the tasks properly. 

However, the error message prompts into your system’s screen with the text saying “We’re sorry. Quickbooks encountered a problem when opening the company file. Review this help article on the Quickbooks support site to resolve the issue. Error codes: (-6210, 0)”. Or “A computer that is not the server is hosting the company file.”

So, this is Quickbooks error code 6210 0. Whenever the error appears, it generally gives us some signs to signify that our system is having a Quickbooks error. In order to understand what are those signs let’s move ahead to Symptoms of Quickbooks error -6210.

Symptoms of Quickbooks Error -6210, 0

  • A sudden crash in the working window.
  • Windows respond irregularly and do not respond to any command given by the mouse and keyboard.
  • Freezing of the system at regular intervals.
  • Crashing in the computer when running the same program.

So, these are the signs to identify Quickbooks error 6210, if your system showing the same symptoms then take consideration as early as possible.

Factors leading to Quickbooks Error Code -6210, 0

  • If you have not installed your Quickbooks desktop properly then you can have the error.
  • If you are using a third-party site to download the software then it will lead to an error.
  • Corrupted Windows Registry. Quickbooks error 1935 also occurs due to corrupted Windows Registry.
  • Corruption in some of your company files.
  • Anti-malware and anti-virus can also lead to the error.
  • Unknowingly deleting one of the applications of Quickbooks.

If your system has any of these causes then follow the lead of the steps below and resolve the error issue.

Troubleshooting To Resolve The Quickbooks Error Code 6210

1. Run Quickbooks File Doctor

quickbooks error -6210

Quickbooks file doctor is the best tool that can resolve any type of Quickbooks error. You can check out our article on the Quickbook File Doctor tool providing you an activation guide to it. Through the guide, you will easily install, download, and run the tool for different purposes.

Although, Quickbooks File Doctor can resolve every QuickBooks error. But, after using it, the error issue still prompts up then follows the lead of this solution.

2. Rename .ND & .TLG file in Single User Mode

  • The first step that you need to do is to go to the folder having QuickBooks Installation Directory and open it by double-clicking on it.
  • Search for these two files Network Data (.ND) & Transaction Log (.TLG) files.
  • Now, go to the .ND file and select the rename tab.
  • Then, at the end of the extension, add .OLD. For instance (.ND.OLD).

quickbooks error code -6210, 0

  • You have to do the above steps for .TLG file too. 
  • Craft a new folder on the desktop and click and drag the Quickbooks files to the newly made folder.
  • If you have done the above procedures then start Quickbooks and go to the company files to open it.
  • Keep in mind to open the only company file that you moved into the newly created folder. 

After performing the above steps, check if the error is resolved or not, if the error persists then move towards the next solution. 

3. Use Quickbooks Database Server Manager

quickbooks error -6210, 0

This is another good tool from Intuit that helps many users resolving the error issue. Below are the steps covering how to use Quickbooks Database Server Manager. So read it thoroughly and perform the steps one by one.

  • The first step that you need to perform is to go to the Quickbooks tool hub.
  • Click on the Network Issues.
  • Then, select Quickbooks database server manager. 
  • If it is pre-installed in your device then it’s ok but if it is not pre-installed then install Quickbooks on the server.
  • If the company file could not be found then choose to browse the location and thereon, select the start scan option but you can detect the file location then ignore all other tabs and just click on start scan.

quickbooks error -6210, 0

  • Now, finish all the tasks by double-clicking on the Quickbooks software and signing in the company file again.

Move towards the next steps if you are having troubled with network data files that enable company files to access them from different workstations.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to rename .ND and .TLF files by repeating the above-mentioned steps.
  • From the keyboard, press Windows + R keys and type services.msc in the Run space to the right of Open.

quickbooks error code -6210, 0

  • Go to enter tab and search for the Quickbooks database server manager service that is there according to the installed version of Quickbooks you have.
  • Go to the restart service and right-click on it.
  • After the above steps are done, check if you facing the same error again or not.

4. Configure Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software 

quickbooks error -6210

Anti-virus and anti-malware lead so many hindrances into the system as sometimes they create hindrances in the working procedure. As third-party security software, they provide a threat to Quickbooks files and can harm the data stored in your system. So, it would be better to disable them for good workflow and you can do it in the Quarantine section by deleting the items that harm your system. 

5. Use Quickbooks Clean Install Tool

quickbooks error code 6210 0

If you are having a damaged Quickbooks desktop on your system then there will be a chance of arising Quickbooks errors. But, with this tool, you can easily get resolved the error. You just need to follow the steps below to eradicate Quickbooks error -6210.

  • Ensure you make a backup of your financial data before proceeding with any further solution as it will avoid the chance of getting any damage to the system.
  • Now, you have to download the Quickbooks Clean Install Tool. 
  • After downloading, double-click on the file.
  • Choose the Quickbooks version and then select the OK tab if you have agreed with the license agreement.

quickbooks error 6210

  • With Quickbooks Clean Install Tool, reinstall Quickbooks and check if the error is there or not.

You can also resolve Quickbooks error the file exists by using the clean install tool.

6. Locally open the Company File

  • The very first step that you are required to do is to go to the folder having Quickbooks files and double click on it.
  • Now, Look for the file with the extension .QBW file.
  • Choose the copy option by right-clicking on the file.
  • Then, move towards the desktop and select the paste option by right-clicking on it.
  • Visit the No company open window by pressing the control key.

quickbooks error code 6210 0

  • After that, click on the open or restore an existing company.

quickbooks error -6210, 0

  • Finally, move towards the desktop and open the folder that you have created for storing the company file.

7. Shut all Quickbooks Processes

The last troubleshooting that you can perform is to shut all Quickbooks processes. You can do it through these steps:

  • Go to the server system and login as the administrator.
  • Now, in order to open the task manager, take the help of the keyboard and press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together.
  • Click on the Users tab and then on show processes.
  • After that, go to these three Quickbooks processes (QBW32.EXE, qbupdate.exe, and QBDBMgr.exe) and highlight them. 
  • Next, click on the End Task.

quickbooks error code -6210, 0

  • Now, end the process by opening the company file in multi-user mode.

After performing all the steps described above, if the Quickbooks error code 6210 still prompts on your system then you might get the solution in our next and last section.

If Quickbooks error -6210, 0 is not resolved yet then you should take the help of the Quickbooks customer care team. Being technology experts, they will surely help you in resolving the error issue. You can share this article with other Quickbooks users to help them in dealing with accounting stuff. 

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