Quickbooks Online error 9999 appears on our screen whenever we try to refresh the tab working on banking transactions. Many users have reported this error which makes it a common error. 

Through this guide, you can help not only yourself but the people around you and resolve the issue. In order to get you a better understanding of error 9999 Quickbooks, we offer you a quick guide that contains causes, identification, and troubleshoot of Quickbooks error code 9999. But, let’s first understand what is Quickbooks online error 9999 in brief. 

What is Quickbooks online error 9999?

error code 9999 quickbooks online

As I explained earlier, this error occurs due to the interruption between the bank and Quickbooks server, when you try to connect the QuickBooks server online with your bank, you get a message given in the symptoms section. In order to identify the error code 9999, read this whole article. There are more such errors like error code 102 QuickbooksQuickBooks error 179 which can occur while connecting to your bank website in Quickbooks.

What are the causes behind error code 9999 Quickbooks online?

  • The first cause could be the disability of the internet connection. If your connection is poor and disable then you might get the chance of having this error. 
  • While performing the task of connecting your bank with Intuit server, you may get the error code 9999.  
  • The setting of the firewall can also provide obstacles in the process and thus leads to errors like Quickbooks firewall error.
  • Antivirus also leads to error 9999 Quickbooks.
  • The cookies can also be the cause.

Now, getting all the causes, you can now shift towards the identification provided with signs and indications to identify the error 9999. 

How can you identify QuickBooks online error 9999?

  • The first sign appears when you are unable to connect with your bank even if you’re a Quickbooks online user.
  • When the browser of your system becomes slowed and froze.
  • The last symptom is the message that appears on the top of your window screen states: “Sorry, we can’t update your account. Please try updating again later.”

The signs will instantly open your mind to all the knowledge that you will get here. These are the signs and symptoms that make you aware of the error. Through all of these signs and indications, you can identify the error and move on towards the solutions to get rid of it as the signs will automatically lead your mind to all the knowledge that you will get from this guide.

So, make yourself present through the end of the article and read it till the end.

Methods To Troubleshoot Error 9999 Quickbooks

We are offering you 8 ways that you can use to remove the Quickbooks error code 9999. But, you have to make a promise to try all the ways one by one until you make progress. The thing that you should keep in mind is that prevent losing your files through backups. Make a backup for your files and then proceeding further.quickbooks error code 9999

Considering the error code 9999 Quickbooks online, here are the solutions-

1. Report Issues To Tech Team

  • Whenever we get any kind of error while doing some online work, we click on the report tab. This is the same thing you need to do.
  • Report the Issue by clicking.
  • Then, go to the banking transaction page and fill in your name and email address.
  • Click submit
  • In a few minutes or hours, you will get a message from the tech team.

If, the first solution did not work out then, move on to our next solution described below.

2. Get your Quickbooks linked online

  • Start the procedure by canceling the current Quickbooks online account.
  • Then, click on Edit.
  • Go to the Edit Account Info.
  • Then, go to Disconnect this account on save and click on it.

quickbooks online error 9999

  • Select Save and Close.
  • After all the steps, go back to the dashboard and renew the link.
  • Then, return to the QBO account and link it
  • At last, you will be able to see your updated transactions in the Quickbooks online account.

The steps above surely help you but still, the Quickbooks online error 9999 did not get resolved then move towards the next procedure consists of the steps given below.

3. Clear Search History

  • The First step you need to do is to open Internet Explorer and then, go to the Favourite option.
  • After that, Go to the History tab and click on it.
  • As a substitute for it, you can also search for the menu and choose History.
  • This leads you to the path from where you can delete the search history or the sites.

This will delete your history data and there on, you might get a lower chance to have this error code 9999 Quickbooks online on your system. Moving towards the next solution, if you still receive disappointment.

4. Save The Backup Key

  • Go to the start menu.
  • From your keyboard, press and hold the Ctrl+shift keys in the search bar.
  • Click on yes appearing on a permission dialog box on your screen. 
  • After this, a black box will appear with a blinking cursor on your screen.
  • There on, type Regedit and press the Enter key.
  • Choose the Error 9999 key that you want to backup.
  • Go to the File menu and choose export.
  • Type the name of the file and click on Save.
  • Keep in mind to save the file with the .reg extension.

These steps will save your file from losing its path. You can easily do all these steps described below. But, yet the problem is not fixed then, check out our next solution provided to you in the steps below.

5. Need to Set up or Configure Firewall

  • Go to the default browser.
  • Select Tools and open firewall settings.
  • Click on exceptions.quickbooks error code 9999
  • At last, add these exceptions to your firewall.
    • Quickbooks.com
    • Intuit.com
    • Payroll.com
    • Qbupdate.exe

These steps are also easy to perform. Having these extensions surely give you relief in an attempt to resolve the error 9999 Quickbooks.

6. Update Your Bank

  • Go to the Quickbooks online
  • Search for the banking tab.
  • Select Update.
  • Follow the steps again around 3 times.

If your system still showing errors then move ahead with this next solution.

7. Make a step forward and clean your browser’s cache files 

For the concern of different readers, we are offering you the procedures how to clean browser files on different platforms.


  • Go to address bar and type about: preferences#privacy and hit enter
  • Clear recent history
  • Tickmark cache and click on clear now.


  • Go to the top and click on the develop tab
  • Now press the Empty Caches tab.

Internet Explorer

  • Go to your keyboard and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
  • Tickmark temporary internet files and website files then, the box that says delete browsing history page.
  • At last, click on delete.

Google Chrome

  • First, go to the address bar, type the command chrome://settings/clearBrowserData, and then press enter.
  • Go to the cached images and file box and mark tick.
  • Then, press the clear data button.

8. To remove the error 9999 follow this next solution 

In this solution, you need to first disconnect and then connect your bank account with these procedures.

To disconnect the bank account, follow the guidelines
  1. Go to Quickbooks online.
  2. Then, on the left, click on Banking.
  3. Move towards the edit icon.
  4. Then, in the account window, tickmark disconnects this account on the save.
  5. Go to Save and Close and click on it.
To reconnect the bank account, get the lead of these steps
  1. Go on the left, click on the Banking tab, and then click Add Account.
  2. Type login details of your bank and hit continue.
  3. Kindly follow the verification instruction for your own security.
  4. Go to Securely Connect, then to the bank icon followed by the bank account that you have.
  5. Go to the Account type and with a drop-down menu, select your account.
  6. Then, choose a credit card account or bank account.
  7. If you don’t have your bank account then click +Add New and select Connect.

I hope all these procedures and solutions will help you out but still if you receive Quickbooks error code 9999 then use the method below.

Other methods that you can try on to remove the error.

There are other methods that you can use if any of the solutions would not work well and you still get disappointment. To use these methods, you have to follow the article below:

1. The first thing you need to do is to have Registry Entries with QuickBooks online error 9999.

2. On the system, Scan the full malware.

3. Clean all the system junk with Disk Cleanup or cleanmgr.

quickbooks uninstall error 1723

4. Update your Windows System Device Drivers.

5. Use Windows System Restore Utility to go back to the recent changes that you did.

6. First, uninstall and then reinstall all the Quickbooks programs that relate to QB error 9999.

7. Use Window System File Checker i.e. sfc/scannow.

8. Update the windows if updates are available.

9. At last, do a window clean installation.   

Whom to contact when you get the Quickbooks online error 9999 again?

This is the guide that will not only help you but also make you aware of Quickbooks online error 9999 with causes, symptoms, and solutions, and other methods to remove it. Through all these solutions, you can easily remove the error. If in case you cannot do the procedures and the message error code 9999 still appearing on your device then you can contact to Quickbooks customer care team as they will surely help you from Quickbooks error code 9999.

We have done a lot of research before offering this guide to you, We hope it is efficient enough to fix the error code 9999. If you find this guide relevant then share it with other users and help them to sort out the Quickbooks error code 9999. You can follow our article for the solutions to another banking error- “Quickbooks online error 102“.