Quickbooks is the accounting software that is emerging as the world’s best platform for business and accountancy. With the help of Quickbooks, the users can perform many tasks in just a few seconds. The functionality of Quickbooks is such that every other businessman uses this tool to meet their business goals and to have a better workflow. The users also don’t require to have a different platform to meet business needs as all the dynamic and different features are added in this amazing tool. The tool never disappoints the user with its functioning but sometimes it gets into trouble when the issue error happened.

Quickbooks is very sensitive to error issues that lead to hindrances in the working procedure. Quickbooks errors generally occur due to some reasons that we tend to ignore. But, sometimes all the reasons create havoc together and the system is prompted with the Quickbooks error. There are many Quickbooks errors that occur while performing some specific tasks. The error that you see in the title Quickbooks error ps077 is one such error that also occurs due to some reasons. In this guide, we will tell you everything about the error and how can you get it resolved. So, bind yourself till the end of the article.

What is a Quickbooks error ps077?

quickbooks payroll error ps077

Quickbooks error ps077 is also known as payroll error. The error comes under the family of PSXXXX error. Every Quickbooks error with ps, in the beginning, relates to the Payroll error. There are more payroll errors that enter into the system like ps033 while performing the download of payroll and some other task-related to payroll. You can check out this article QuickBooks error ps033 if you are facing this error in your system.

It pops up into our system’s screen with the text stating, ”Quickbooks is having trouble installation payroll tax table update.” After receiving the text, the user becomes unable to update the tax table as it stops all the further working procedures. The user needs to resolve the error as soon as possible to save your system from being corrupted and slowed down. The user can resolve the error through the solution provided below.

But, before jumping on the solution, let’s first know about the causes that lead to Quickbooks payroll error ps077 so that you can have a better understanding of what are the elements that lead to the error.

What are the Elements That lead to the error?

There can be many factors and elements that are responsible for Quickbooks error ps077 but we have mentioned here the main and the most known factors that can lead to the error.

  • The first reason could be the corrupted or damaged tax table file.
  • Incorrectly filled-in billing details can also lead to the error.
  • The damaging and missing of Quickbooks company file.
  • When the user mentioned outdated billing details then again the system can encounter a ps077 Quickbooks error.  
  • If the user is not registered in Quickbooks software.

Now, let’s jump into the symptoms to help you in identifying this error.

Signs to identify the Quickbooks payroll update error ps077

  • The user becomes unable to download the payroll updates.
  • Failure in the updating process of the tax table.
  • A sudden stop in Quickbooks.
  • The system performs slowly on the command given to it.
  • And, the most useful sign is the error text that the user receives.

These symbols will inform you of to kind of error your computer is attacked with and therefore, you can proceed towards the solution to fix it. But, before moving on towards the solution, here are some points below that the user needs to consider before jumping into the solutions.

Points that the user should Consider

  • The user has to validate the Quickbooks Payroll Subscription.
  • Search for the latest release of Quickbooks and download it.
  • The billing information that the user fills in the payroll account should be appropriate.
  • Installed only one Quickbooks application on your system.
  • Keep in mind that to repair the Quickbooks desktop application.
  • Always make a backup of the Quickbooks company file.

Every user needs to follow all of these consideration points to remove the future possibility of a ps077 QuickBooks error that can interrupt your computer.

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Troubleshoot To Remove Quickbooks Error PS077 

The user needs to follow all the solutions below to troubleshoot the error. In an attempt to do so, start the procedure from the first troubleshoot:

Troubleshoot 1: 

  • The first step that the user needs to do is to go to Quickbooks and log out of your account.
  • Then, close all the programs and Quickbooks windows that are running on your device.
  • Go to windows task manager and do verification of all the Quickbooks windows that are opened.
  • After that, open the Quickbooks again and download payroll updates.

quickbooks ps077 error

  • If the error still persists then select file and then choose utilities and after that choose repair Quickbooks.

Troubleshoot 2:

  • Go to Intuit and log in to your account.

quickbooks ps077 error

  • Verify Quickbooks License.
  • Now, see the recent update available for your Quickbooks desktop.
  • Go to Quickbooks payroll service account information and verify the details filled in the billing information.
  • Fix Quickbooks errors through the help of the Quickbooks error technical support team.
  • Then, go to file and click on utilities to check your Quickbooks data.

ps077 quickbooks error

  • After that, switch off user account control (UAC) and move ahead with the download of the Quickbooks payroll updates.

Case 1: If you have only one version of Quickbooks desktop installed

  • The first thing that you require to do is to take a backup of the company file.
  • If the applications are running then close them.
  • Go to the Run window and open it.
Windows 8
  • The users of Windows 8 need to do the first step by clicking on the windows system section.
  • Go to the Start screen and open it.
  • Click on all apps by right-clicking on the background.
  • At last, hit the run button.

quickbooks ps077 error

Windows 7 and XP
  • Go to the windows start button and select the run button.
  • If the user is not logged in with admin rights and click on the start tab.
  • Now, go to all programs.
  • Select accessories.
  • At last, hit the run button.

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Windows Vista
  • Go to the start button, then to the search field, and type run command.

Case 2: Having multiple versions of Quickbooks

  • The first step you need to do is to install a clean version of the Quickbooks desktop to perform well.

quickbooks error ps077

  • Now, the steps you need to perform for multiple versions of Quickbooks are removing the additional installations and reset Quickbooks update.
  • Then, go to the latest payroll tax tables and download it.
  • If the lists are re-sorted then use the Verify Data/Rebuild Data process.

quickbooks payroll update error ps077

  • At last, you can do the procedure of uninstalling and reinstalling in selective startup.

So, these are all the solutions that the user needs to perform to resolve the error issue. After performing all the solutions, if the error again prompts up into the screen of the system then you can take the help of Quickbooks customer care executive by calling and telling them about the issue you are facing while updating payroll. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment us. We hope that this article is relevant enough to solve the Quickbooks error ps077. There are several payroll errors that occur while using Quickbooks software. Quickbooks Error 15222 is one of them. This error basically occurs when Quickbooks has problems downloading updated files, you can solve this error by following our recent article on this error code.