If you are having a corrupted folder in your system and want to repair the same then this article is for you. In this guide, we will be presenting you with how you can use the Quickbooks file repair.

Well, we all know that Quickbooks is a worldwide famous accounting software that helps many small or tiny business owners out there. Quickbooks, with their different features and versions, always provide the best result in terms of business functionality. When it comes to managing different tasks all at once, Quickbooks never disappoints us. But, somehow, it also gets corrupted with errors and bugs that provide damages to some of the Quickbooks files and thus disturb the business functionality.

In order to eradicate these kinds of error issues, the user needs to go through this article below that not only presenting you the way to use Quickbooks data file repair but also provides you a lead towards the symptoms, causes, and solutions to repair those corrupted files.quickbooks file repair software

Factors leading to Quickbooks data corruption.

There can be so many factors responsible for the Quickbooks data corruption but here we are listing some of the major factors that lead to Quickbooks data corruption in your system.

  • If the file size is bigger than the legit limit of 200 MB(for Quickbooks Pro) and 450 MB(for Quickbooks enterprise) then it can corrupt the Quickbooks data.
  • Having an improper shutdown of the system due to an abrupt power failure.
  • Your database could be under malware or virus attack. Quickbooks Error 179 is one of the error which also occurs due to malware attacks.
  • Do not acquire enough resources like RAM, network interface cards, network cables, Virtual Memory, etc.
  • Technical glitches that lead to Quickbooks database corruption.
  • Corruption in the hard drive where the database is located.

These are the main leading causes that bring corruption into the files and thus slows down the system. In order to eradicate all of those cases, the user has to perform several solutions but before moving on with the solutions, let’s first discuss how can you identify the corruption in the Quickbooks company file. So, you can have proper functionality without wasting your time on the identification of Quickbooks errors.

7 Ways to Identify Corruption in the Quickbooks Company file

There are many ways through which you can find corrupted data before using Quickbooks file repair. These signs are great lead to all the users out there to verify corrupted data on their own and it can also lead to QuickBooks abort error. So, let us focus on them.

  • During the task of restoring a backup file of the company file, the user usually receives an error message saying. Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post Quickbooks 2007 backup file. Error: Restore Failed. Can’t remove the log file. Error: Failed.
  • Another error that the user might encounter goes like this “A data problem prevents Quickbooks from continuing” during the task of verifying the Data Utility on the window screen or QBwin.log file.
  • When the user calculates and finds that the total assets are unequal to the sum of the liabilities and equity. The difference between them signaling that Quickbooks balance sheet is out of balance.
  • While trying to open the Quickbooks company file, if the user encounters any kind of lags, errors then it indicates that the company file is corrupted. This also prevents the user to use the system in a multi-user mode.
  • During the process of downloading and installing the newly available updates of Quickbooks, if the user encounters a sudden crash then also it can indicate that your system having some corrupted and damaged data. 
  • A negative balance may occur in your Transaction History.
  • The user can encounter errors and bugs if he/she does the accountant’s changes to a QBDT Company file. If the user has done changes in the due date of the transactions of the Accountant’s copy. Then, also it shows your files get corrupted.

These are some indications that will make you aware of the corrupted data in your software. You can get rid of them easily with the solutions provided below.

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How to Stop Data File Corruption? 

Before, proceeding towards the solutions, let’s first discuss how you can prevent data file corruption in your system with these three methods provided below. 

Create Multiple Back-ups

By creating multiple backups of the Quickbooks file and thus saving them, the user can prevent corruption.

Professional Servers and Workstations

With this, the software will become secured from turning off and also enhances the performance of Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Condense Data Utility

With this tool, you can easily repair those larger files that bring issues into the Quickbooks Desktop. 

Solutions to Repair Quickbooks File that Won’t Open

After considering the causes, indications, and preventions of Quickbooks damaged and corrupted files. Now, let’s move towards troubleshooting which will help you in resolving the issue. These are the solutions that lead you to fight back with the damaged files by preventing every cause and factor that leads to such corruption in Quickbooks files. So, go through them carefully and repair Quickbooks damaged files with Quickbooks file repair software.

Solution 1: Verify and Rebuild Data

Through the tool, Quickbooks file repair software, the user can easily get to know about the error and the damaged Quickbooks data file. Thereon, with the use of rebuild and verify data utility, you can fix the Quickbooks issues in the company data file.

Rebuild the Data
  • Go to the file.
  • Select utilities and then select rebuild data.

repair QuickBooks file

  • In the Quickbooks Information Window, click on the OK tab.
  • Once the user is done with the above steps, he/she needs to click on the yes tab when the window is prompted with Save a Backup.
  • Hit on the OK button after finishing the rebuild task.
Verify the Data
  • Click on the file option and then tap on the utilities.
  • select verify data.
  • When encountering a message Quickbooks detected no problem with your data. Press the OK tab.

repair QuickBooks file that won't open

  • Now, the user can identify the issues in the company file. Click on the view error and then on the rebuild now.
  • Once fixed the data, go to the close tab.

Solution 2: Use Quickbooks file repair software

This solution is best for the users who have run out of time and prefer to use short and tiny tricks to repair the company file. There are plenty of Quickbooks company file repair tools that you can easily use to get the result.


QuickBooks data file repair

  • The first step that you need to do is to close all the windows running in the background including the Quickbooks desktop.
  • Try to bring up the folder having the reboot.bat file by right-clicking on the file and select properties and then click on the open file location.
  • Go to the reboot.bat file, right-click on it and choose Run as an administrator. 
  • Confirm that reboot.bat is running as the windows administrator.
  • Don’t press any key until the process is going on.
  • Lastly, restart your system after finishing the above procedure.
Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks file repair

Quickbooks install diagnostic tool is a dynamic tool that can resolve any type of Quickbooks errors. In order to use this, you have to download it and then run it on your system. Follow the steps below to run it.

  • You need to first install the Quickbooks tool hub.
  • Double-click on the tool hub to open it.
  • Click on the installation issues tab.
  • Choose the tab named Quickbooks install diagnostic tool.
  • The tool with the scanning process detects the issue and then repairs it.
  • You don’t need to perform any further tasks as the error will be resolved.

With the use of Install Diagnostic Tool, you can solve many errors, like- Quickbooks error 15240, Quickbooks error 1328, etc.

Run Quickbooks File Doctor

Quickbooks file repair software

Quickbooks file doctor tool is yet another free tool that you can use to eradicate the error issue. Many users including me love this tool for its dynamic performance. In order to use this tool, you need to perform the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step is the same to download and install the Quickbooks tool hub.
  • Open the tool hub.
  • Move towards the company file issues.
  • Hit on the tab named run Quickbooks file doctor.
  • Browse the corrupted file and then hit on the repair tab.
  • The file doctor automatically detects the issue and thereon repairs it in no time.

Quickbooks file doctor is very helpful in solving Quickbooks errors- Quickbooks error code h202, Quickbooks error 6177, Quickbooks error code 6210, etc.

We hope that you like this guide containing everything about corrupted Quickbooks files and how to repair QuickBooks files that won’t open. After performing all the solutions if your system still showing some of the symptoms of corrupted files then you can contact the Quickbooks customer care team for better guidance and support.