If a message pops up on your screen, “Error: Cannot communicate with the company file due to a firewall,” don’t panic. This is a common error that QuickBooks Firewall users usually encounter. This simply indicates that your network firewall is interrupting the incoming/outgoing communication. Remember that QuickBooks Firewall is software so it is prone to glitches and errors. QuickBooks faces many errors because of the third-party firewall’s restrictions. There are numerous reports from users, so, the time has come to analyze the issue and find a solution to fix it.

Triggers of “Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks” Error

Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks

The following mentioned below are some possible reasons for QuickBooks multi-user mode not working:

  • The installed firewall is not configured properly.
  • Incorrect DNS settings.
  • A QuickBooks database server manager stops running to the server.
  • The connection to the server is lost or an incorrect configuration setting.

What to do if your Screen shows a QuickBooks Firewall Error Message?

Screen showing firewall error

After reading above mentioned information, you might have a basic understanding of the problem, now, let’s move on towards the solutions. Also, let me tell you that Quickbooks Error 15240 is often an error that occurs as a result of a flaw in an installation or when updating Payroll in Quickbooks. There are few solutions mentioned below that can automatically fix the issues related to QuickBooks firewall errors. Before trying these solutions you need to make sure that all your QuickBooks updates are completed.

1: Change the Settings of Firewall and Antivirus

Firewall or antivirus is one of the main causes of QB multi-user mode not working error. In order to resolve your issue, you have to set up exceptions in the settings and allow QuickBooks to transfer data. If the antivirus is causing the problem, configure it to fix it.

  • Open the Control panel and then, go to the Windows firewall option, followed by pressing Enter.
  • Then press on the allow an app through the Windows firewall option.
  • Tap on Change settings, and then check-mark the box that is under the public list for the QuickBooks application.
  • Press the OK option and then Hit on the public for the application.
  • Make an attempt to run QuickBooks in the multi-user mode and confirm whether the errors are fixed or not.

2: QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool that can troubleshoot this problem instantly.
  • Download & install QuickBooks file doctor.
  • Then install and run this tool on the system.
  • If the problem persists even after using the file doctor tool then follow the solution.

3: Check your Firewall Settings

  • Review your firewall settings and confirm that QuickBooks has permission to go through it.
  • For detailed steps, check your firewall provider’s website.
  • If you are able to open QuickBooks and the company file over your network, everything is fixed.

4: Add Firewall Exception

Sometimes, the Windows Firewall can obstruct the application so the QuickBooks program has an exception in the Firewall. Follow the below-mentioned steps to add the QuickBooks program as an exception to the Firewall, this will remove windows firewall is blocking quickbooks error.

  • Hit the Start menu and type: Firewall.
  • Give the rule a name, then click on Finish.
  • Go to Windows Firewall.
  • Select Advanced Settings.
  • Don’t forget to check-mark all the profiles, then click Next.
  • Now check the Allow the Connection, then choose Next again
  • Press click on Inbound Rules and choose New Rule.
  • Now select Program, then Next.
  • Open Program Path then select Browse.
  • Go to one of the paths provided there, then select Next.
  • You can follow the above steps above for the Outbound Rules also (Note- In step 4 inbound rules, choose Outbound Rules in place of Inbound Rules.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode or you can also open your network to see if the problem has been solved or not.

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Fix Windows Firewall Disabled Quickbooks Exceptions Not Defined

Windows Firewall

Don’t get confused when you read QuickBooks Windows Firewall Disabled Exceptions Not Defined because it is easy to fix it. Continue reading to avoid this error in the future.

Give a Name to the Server

Click right-click on the My-Computer tab and press click on the properties tab after that. You will see the computer’s name.

Check for the Monitor Files

  • Minimize any active windows and click on the Startup button.
  • Search Run and search for the .msc file.
  • Locate for the service.msc file and click open it. You will see service files- QuickbooksDB25 and QBCFMonitor. 
  • Now restart them by right-clicking on the file, and choosing the properties tab. Now select on the automatic tab and press start. Do the exact same with the other file.

Setting up Permissions for the Folder

  • Choose the folder to share.
  • Right-click on it to select the properties tab.
  • Click on the sharing button and checkmark the radio button alongside “Share this folder”.
  • Choose the securities options and the permissions tab will open. Select the permission for the folder.

Check with a Different Computer

  • Login to your Quickbooks account from a different PC and from the top navigation bar press on the restore company and select the open company. Sometimes the QuickBooks can also show issues relate to storage and this certainly leads to QuickBooks error 6175. As a QuickBooks user, you must keep an eye on any such errors.
  • Search for the server name in the new window, click on it and press enter.
  • Now locate the shared folder and open it. You will see your QuickBooks company file.
  • After the file is located, check the mark on the multi-user mode and choose the open file button.
  • Now the error must be fixed.

Another way of resolving the error is to download the (QuickBooks firewall error windows 7) repair tool.

These were the solutions to QuickBooks Firewall error explained in the simplest way. So, next time, if a message pops up ‘QuickBooks database server manager error windows firewall disabled exceptions not defined then follow solutions in proper order to resolve this QuickBooks error. But if you are facing a complex error and unable to solve it on your own then you can always get in touch with the QuickBooks experts number available online. Experts will listen to your query and will come up with the best solutions.