Intuit QuickBooks is one of the small business financial software that supports small business start-ups for tracking, organization, and management of their data, information, and finances. It is called the one-stop solution which focuses on integrating different businesses and companies, and with its wide range of features, it is surprising the users to become one of the most intriguing software at present. 

Despite its worldly performance, every user still has to encounter install errors in Quickbooks. These errors show up when a user tries to install the QBs software. The developers witnessed this issue and hence in no time made an exquisite tool to fix this problem. This tool is named QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

When you open a company file, the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is used to troubleshoot networking and multi-user issues. This tool can assist you if you’re having problems with the H202, H505, or 6000 series of errors. The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is only compatible with QuickBooks 2008 and newer or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0 and newer on computers running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP.

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool  

The QBs Install Diagnostic tool can repair & troubleshoot the bugs & errors in the software QuickBooks. QBs Diagnostic tool detects and repairs all the problems & issues via the .NET Framework, C++, MSXML framework components. At times, one or other components do not function efficiently or the system freezes with the QBs errors twinkling on the screen. QBs diagnostic tool exe download and its clean installation can help you resolve all your troubles that you may experience while installing this accounting software.

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

System Specifications Needed for Installing QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

There are not many requirements needed when it comes to installing a diagnostic tool for QuickBooks. Make sure that your operating system has recently been updated and it operates on Windows. You just need two different software given below. 

System Requirements

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package

Issues and Errors in QB Diagnostic Install Tool

QuickBooks Desktop Diagnostic Install tool is particularly made to identify errors and rectify them. A few of the errors and issues that you come across have been given below.  

Identifying Installation Errors 

Issues Faced in QB Installation

  • Damage to the MSXML component. 
  • QuickBooks freezes and stops working.
  • The appearance of Framework errors like .NET Framework error
  • Popping up errors associated with C++ programming. 
  • Keyboard and mouse functions do not respond properly.

How to Download and Install Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks

Downloading and installing QBs Diagnostic Tool is an easy process and for your assistance, we have given the steps below. Follow the steps and then you will be ready to use it.

  • Download QuickBooks Install Tool via online websites.
  • Save the downloaded file as per your directory location.
  • After this, you will find the ‘QBInstall_tool_v2.exe’ on your system.
  • Now close down all the running apps in the background.
  • Select by double-clicking on ‘QBInstall_tool_v2.exe file’ & run the .exe file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Now, you need to restart your PC to complete the installation process. 

Resolving Errors Through QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool

Now we are here with this tool on our PCs, you must be wondering by now as to how to operate it and fix the installation errors. The wait is over and we are now about to discuss the process to rectify errors via QBs Diagnostic Tools. 

Diagnose Connection Tab

Diagnose Tab

The Connection tab is used to fix connection errors that can arise during the installation process. It further sets up the company data file accessible from your system in a single user or multi-user mode. In this way, all your connection errors will be instantly resolved. 

Firewall Status

Firewall Status

This tab is one of the most useful tabs as it provides detailed information about the importance of firewalls and the ways to operate them for repairing ongoing issues related to firewall errors. 

Test your Connectivity

Test Your Connectivity

The test your connectivity option allows the user to reach out on all the areas of connectivity of all the connected workstations.  

Ways to test your Connectivity?

The steps below will help you to check how to test your connectivity.

  • Click on the tab next to the Company file main field
  • Use the Linux system with a good network connectivity setup. To perform further action, you just have to select and alter the dialog box of the hosting server check.

Using Selective Start-Up Mode

At times, various anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are the reasons for the bugs and glitches that are encountered while installing the QuickBooks Desktop Tool. There are Quickbooks 2017 crash com error is one of such error that can harm the system and the data stored in it. Therefore, we should access the installation process in selective start-up mode. Given below are the steps that will assist you to use this mode efficiently.

Selective Startup mode General Tab

  • Firstly, you need to start the system in selective start-up mode.
  • Hold Windows + R and open the Run window.
  • Write ‘msconfig’ in the Run window and click on OK.
    msconfig setup
  • Under the General Tab, choose ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’
  • Now select the ‘disable all’ option.
  • Uncheck the ‘Hide Microsoft services’ checkbox.
  • After this, you need to mark the list of ‘services’ and tap on the ‘Win
    dows Installer checkbox’. Now, press OK.

  • Using Selective Start-Up ModeGo to the system configuration and click on ‘Restart’.
  • Choose ‘Normal Configuration’ to restore the original configuration.
  • Hold Windows+ R  and open the ‘RUN’ command.
  • Now write up ‘msconfig’ and hit OK.
  • Under the ‘General tab,’ select ‘Normal start-up’ and press OK.

Normal Start up

  • Find the system configuration screen and click on ‘Restart’.

Windows Update

Windows Update

Updating Windows from time to time is an effective way to deal with any kind of error in your system. Also if you are a quicken user you must know that you can convert the quicken Following steps must be followed to update Windows and resolve QBs errors.

  • From a Windows CD package, install the latest version of Windows.
  • After a successful update, you need to restart your system again.
  • In case of QuickBooks stating an error on opening then, open the company file and proceed with your work.
  • Still, the problem persists, you need to perform a clean installation of QuickBooks again.

Fixing Windows Components Manually

In case you are still unable to resolve the errors using the QBs install tool, then you have to repair Windows manually. You need to understand that it is a bit difficult process, so you should take assistance from an IT professional to repair and reinstall Microsoft .Net Framework and other components.     

  • You need to perform the Windows update after installing it & the .NET framework, MSXML & C++ missing updates will be self-resolved. 
  • In case these components have been outdated, QuickBooks will not install them correctly. So, you need to update your windows and all of their components to the latest version.

A Few Other Important Points to Remember

There are a few useful points that a user should focus on while operating the Install Diagnostic tool.

  • After a successful download of the tool on your PC, it is necessary to close all the other running programs in the background and then double click on the file to scan it.
  • There are different cases when even after the error being fixed you would be needing to reboot your system.
  • While performing the scan via the diagnostic tool, sometimes you can see a pop-up message “No Errors were Detected” but it does not always mean that all the errors have been resolved. Moreover, it is the failure of the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool to identify the error.

The Quickbooks Diagnostic Install Tool is a useful software that will help you to fix errors, issues, bugs, and other QB-related problems. It is quite user-friendly and makes your work hassle-free and even increases your work efficiency. If you are still unable to fix these existing problems using the above methods, then you are advised to take expert help from an experienced professional in the related field. You can even contact the QBs support team which will try to solve your issue within a few hours.