Quickbooks is the most advised financial software for those who manage accounting and bookkeeping. It provides great help to meet the business needs of users. You can use this top-rated software for easy online payment, to generate an invoice, manage expenses and taxes,  payroll, and much other business-related work. But just like any other software available, this too can sometimes make you face technical glitches, errors, and bugs.

Some common errors are Quickbooks login error 9999, network errors during login QuickBooks, QuickBooks unrecoverable error after login, etc. But a common problem some users encounter is a QuickBooks Online login issue or Quickbooks login error. This may lead to frustration among users as it disrupts their important work in between. If you are going through the same problem, then read this post till the end.

Read till the end to know everything from the causes of Quickbooks login error to the class-apart solutions to get relief from this error as it is always better to rectify errors as soon as possible.

Why Do Users Encounter Network Errors During Login QuickBooks? 

QuickBooks Login Error

There are many reasons for not being able to log in:

  • You did not sign out from the previous QuickBooks online session (QBO).
  • A different user has signed in with the same credentials but on a different computer.
  • Antivirus or Firewall can also block access.
  • Electrical problems causing network issues.

Problem Faced While Logging to Quickbooks

If you are trying to log in to QuickBooks and unable to do anything that means there is a log-in error. in this case, two things can happen:

  • Screen showing loading message but is not loading anything.
  • Reflecting messages of no service.

Different kinds of QuickBooks Online Chrome Errors

  • QBO not working on chrome
  • QBO doesn’t load correctly. 
  • You can see a blank screen after Logging.
  • Network error during login QuickBooks.
  • Chrome doesn’t load the QBO login page.
  • Google chrome fails to open the QuickBooks online.

In this post, you will get correct information about QuickBooks login error, why this happens, its effects, and ways to completely avoid this situation. After reading this post, you will not have to abort your important work in between. All you have to do is follow our post carefully and follow the steps properly to get relief from this error. 

Solution 1: Use other Web Browser

QuickBooks Login Error

If you are facing login errors in your browser then try to log in with a different web browser. The reason is there is a possibility of your browser not being configured properly which creates problems. This leads to login issues and frustration among users. Other web browsers to access QBO are- Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Solution 2: Restart your computer and Reboot your Router

estart your computer and Reboot your Router

Sometimes you encounter network error during login QuickBooks. First, go to the Desktop and unplug the Cable Modem. After that, unplug your router and wait for a few seconds before plugging it again. Follow an order to power them back – On the Modem, then Router, and then your computer. 

Solution 3: Clean up your History/Browser (Cache)
QuickBooks Login Error

If you are reading the third method, it clearly means that the above two methods couldn’t help you fix the login error. 

Solution third is very simple, all you have to do is clear your old history. Go on Customize and control the icon and then choose the setting option. At the bottom you will see an Advanced icon, there check for the privacy option. Beneath that option press on clear browsing data then click on Advanced Tab. clear the cookies, files, data attentively. Clearing cache helps increase QuickBooks’ online performance. 

Solution 4: Use Incognito Window in Chrome Browser

If you are facing a login error then try to log into the software in private mode. By this, your internet will not be able to record your history and your history won’t show any activity. Plus, you have to put no extra effort while using it. Just open incognito mode by pressing Ctrl+shift+N. or go to three vertical dots that are on the right top corner. Choose the Incognito window. 

Solution 5: Add another Chrome User

Another solution is to create one more chrome user to reduce the working hours. You have to open Chrome Browser and go to the settings tab which is on the left.

You will, get a user’s section at the bottom, click Add User button and enter the name. A fresh new user icon will reflect on your browser and you will be able to switch between two users. 

Solution 6: Examine the Security Settings

QuickBooks Login Error, Security settings in Chrome

Never forget to examine your security settings as this could also be the main reason for login issues. Just open the internet, go to settings, and hit the Tools option. In internet options, press tab on Advanced tab while making sure that Do not save encrypted pages to disk is unmarked. Hit Ok. Select file and press tab on close.

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Let’s move on to Advanced Solutions to fix QuickBooks Login Issues

If the above solutions are not able to fix your error then you can move on to the advanced solutions we have provided here. All you have to do is make a decent checking of the SSL setting of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open it, go to the address bar and type ‘Config’. Type ‘tls’ in the search bar.
  • Double click on ‘tls.version.min. Then type ‘integer value’ and press Ok.
  •  Now open the browser again after closing it.

Internet Explorer

  • Open run command and type ‘inceptl.cpl. Hit OK.
  • Go to the ‘Advanced tab’ and then ‘security option’.
  • Mark ‘SSL 2.0’ and SSL 3.0’. Hit OK.
  • Now open a browser and ‘sign in’ at ‘https://qbo.intuit.com 
  • Enable cookies and closer browsers in order to sign in again.

Another error is known as QuickBooks Error 15215 also occurs while using this software. When you attempt to update payroll in QuickBooks, you receive error 15215. If you are trying to download a payroll update in the background without notice when this error occurs, you may have a conflict with another application running in the background. But yes, like other errors, this error can also be fixed by following some steps. So, don’t panic and focus on rectifying the Quickbooks login error by following the steps mentioned in this post.

Final Words

We have tried to bring all the proven solutions to resolve the Quickbooks Login error. But if still the issue is complex and you are not able to resolve it then you can always get in touch with QuickBooks error support where there are solutions provided directly by experts.