If you have acquainted yourself with Quickbooks, you may at some point in time have heard of Quickbooks Point of Sale or Quickbooks POS. If you haven’t, Quickbooks Point of sale is a precise retail solution majorly designed for small businesses. The businesses where customers arrive and buy products, which then have to be checked out from a counter. Great examples of this are clothing outlets, retail stores, departmental stores, and food chains, etc. With the help of POS, you can receive transactions and store customer data. Life made easy, huh? Anyway, there is some sort of Quickbooks POS hardware requirements that you must fulfill for the smooth functioning of Quickbooks POS.

With the help of this article, you can fetch these to your arsenal. So let’s get started.

What are the Quickbooks POS System Requirements?

quickbooks point of sale system requirements


First and foremost, we should know the system requirements for the Quickbooks POS. Obviously, then only you will be able to use the package on your device.

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1 all editions including 64-bit, Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2011 SP1

RAM: Minimum – 4GB, Recommended – 8GB

Processor: Single user: 2GHz minimum (2.8GHz recommended); Multiple users: 2.8GHz processor (3.5GHz recommended)

Storage: 1GB

Quickbooks POS from Intuit is a trademark of the company. POS products from Quickbooks are primarily targeted at small business owners and retailers. It is completely compatible with Quickbooks, so anyone who has used it previously will have no problem using it. The Quickbooks POS costs are different.

These were the minimum software requirement that is required for the outstanding performance of Quickbooks POS. It’s time for us to get on to the main part, which is the hardware requirements for Quickbooks POS.

What are the Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirements

quickbooks pos hardware requirements

As we discussed earlier, Quickbooks POS is an all-in-one tool that comprises inventory management, data management, tracking of sales, security of information, etc. So, for you to take full advantage of this powerful tool, you will have to have compatible hardware devices. This hardware equipment will help you in saving time, automate your processes, and boost employee productivity.

Let’s have a look at the best set of Quickbooks POS hardware equipment. 

1. Microsoft Surface Pro

microsft surface pro quickbook pos system

Have you ever thought that it would have been very easy and accessible if you could have a portable POS? Well, here you have it. QuickBooks POS is actually integrated with Microsoft Surface Pro to provide you the liberty to move around in your store. You will be able to pick up your POS, finish the work or tasks that you have, later you can save it on the counter.

The combination of Microsoft Surface Pro and QuickBooks POS helps you to search inventory, create a buying order, take payments, generate bills, work on back-office projects, generate reports, and more from anywhere on the floor.

2. Barcode Scanner

quickbooks hardware requirements

In my opinion, the barcode scanner is one of the most pragmatic inventions for the accounting and balancing industry. You can move things quickly with the help of a barcode scanner. Plus, your customers will also be happy because of faster checkouts.

When a barcode scanner is integrated with the QB POS, it can do marvelous wonders for you.  Boosts your overall process and helps a lot while billing a huge order.

3. Receipt Printer

quickbooks point of sale system requirement

Yes yes, the time has changed. However, even in this digital era, some customers like to get orthodox hard copies of receipts.  So, for them, you can incorporate a receipt printer with your QuickBooks Point of Sale software. This will give you the opportunity to welcome all kinds of customers.

It is easy to connect the printer to any desired computer. All you need is a USB port to connect it with and some roll of receipt paper to print the receipt.

4. Cash Drawer

cash drawer for qb pos

It is nowadays common for retailers to have a cash drawer. This is because the money or cash can be sorted, segregated, and serialized up according to the value of the currency. Plus, it helps in keeping track of the transactions.

A cash drawer when synchronized with the cash drawer with the Quickbooks POS can outperform the overall elegancy of dealing with cash. You will have a proper count of the total transaction made at the end of the day.

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5. Wireless Barcode Scanner

quickbooks pos system requirements

Surprise for retailers who hate wired barcode scanners because QB POS supports or if to say more accurately comes with an option to connect wireless barcode scanners. You can say goodbye to old-school wired barcode scanners.

Wireless scanners provide flexibility and freedom because they are connected using Bluetooth. This means faster checkouts at the counter.

6. Pole Display

pole display

Pole Displays are purely something that helps in improving customer satisfaction. They can actually check and tally the total amount to be paid before getting the invoice. This increases the credibility of your store. Isn’t that what matters the most?

The interesting fact about pole displays is that they don’t need an additional power supply and can be integrated with the Quickbooks POS. Also, they have a fluorescent screen that illuminates the screen. They can be adjusted to the desired angles.

7. Pin Pad

pin pad

Obviously, in this modern era, everybody uses their debit or credit card to complete the payment. So definitely a pin pad machine is a must that you must process with the Quickbooks POS. It stitches the nine and saves time.

A pin pad machine is a handy tool that is a necessity during peak hours. You can avoid long long queues at and make things faster.

Final verdict!

So, these were the basic and advanced Quickbooks POS hardware requirements. You can create an impeccable set of coordination using the above-mentioned equipment. This will give you and your customers a great sigh of relief.

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