When it comes to the most reliable financial software for those who manage accounting and bookkeeping, QuickBooks tops the list as it is preferred by many users for easy online payments, payroll, generate an invoice, and many other things. But this is software and it is obvious for users to encounter some technical glitches and errors. This is the most frustrating thing to encounter while working on any software as it stops you from using this software properly. As Quickbooks is very crucial for organizations related to business and finance, dealing with errors can lead to loss to any business. 

While using QuickBooks software, a  user faces errors like Event id 4 Unexpected Error and QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5. The first error is QuickBooks event id 4 which happens when Windows 7.Net framework 4.0 doesn’t work. The latter is one of them which makes your screen show a message i.e. “QuickBooks unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for path”. This error is encountered when its database service users can’t get permission to access to detect the location of a file.

In this post, you will get reliable information about QuickBooks unexpected error 5, why this happens, its effects, and ways to completely avoid this situation. After reading this post, you will not have to abort your work in between. All you have to do is follow our post carefully and follow the steps properly to get relief from this error. 

Major Causes of QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5

QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 Error

  • Invalid Registry entries or maybe some system files have been deleted accidentally. Quickbooks error 15223 also occurs because of this error
  • Shutting down the system improperly.
  • There are registrations of invalid entries in windows.
  • A virus attack or third-party software could also lead to this error showing a message on your screen which reads ‘Quickbooks got unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for path’.
  • Malfunction in the system operation.
  • Wrong Installation of Quickbooks.

Exceptional Solutions to Repair QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5

QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 Error

Now, you have a basic understanding of why your screen pops up a message –  ‘Got unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for path QuickBook.’ Now let’s discuss exceptional solutions to fix this error in just 5 ways.

Solution 1: Scan your Computer

  • Scan a full system scan with any scanning software. 
  • Save all your files on the desktop so that you can easily access them.
  • After scanning, press the repair option to fix the error. 

This is the easiest way to repair the error but if the problem persists then move onto the next solution mentioned below.

Solution 2: Delete and Recreate the User

  • Select the user and roles in the Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Now press the delete button after selecting the user.
  • Choose new after going to the User and Roles page.
  • Select a new username and password and hit OK.
  • Now establish a role for the user. 
  • Press OK.

Now, your problem must have been resolved but just in case, if it has not, then jump to solution number 3.

Solution 3: Turn off UAC (User Account Control)

Cease UCA (user control access)

  • In the run window search control panel.
  • Now select user accounts.
  • Change the settings of User Account Control.
  • Choose Never notify and turn off UAC. (You can always turn on UAC further)
  • Now restart your system.

In case, you still are not able to repair the QB unexpected error 5 and Event id 4 pop then here are more solutions to make you fix it.

Solution 4: Download Quickbooks File Doctor 

  • Install and run the Quickbooks file doctor tool.
  • The tool will check all folders in your system to ensure the hosting is working properly.
  •  Through permission setting you can control and access the system, then you will be able to locate and access the damaged file to rectify the error.

Solution 5: Give Access to Share Files

  • Go to file explorer to see the folder where you have saved the file.
  • Then go to properties and the sharing tab and hit the ok button on apply.

Solution 7: Installing the RaJeimage Repair Tool

  • You can install this tool and save it on the desktop.
  • After taking it to the location of the file, start scanning.
  • Now, start the process of repairing. 
  • Now restart the QuickBooks software and make sure the error has been fixed.

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Additional Solutions

There are some other ways to implement Quickbooks error 5. 

  • Reinstall Quickbooks to check whether the problem is in the installation part or not.
  • Check for malware/virus attacks.
  • Update the latest version of your windows.
  • Check whether software-related files are deleted or not. If yes, then download those files.
  • Don’t shut down your system abruptly.

With these extra exceptional solutions, we hope that all the information provided here will fix the Quickbooks unexpected error 5. These solutions are very simple and you will get immediate relief from the error code. 

If you have more doubts or need any kind of expert guidance, you can always call QuickBooks error support where there are solutions provided directly by experts. They can help you with complex errors related to Quickbooks.