Quicken vs Quickbooks emerging as the best tool for small business purposes. These tools while breaking the conventional modes of business, driving us into the path of technology where every task is done at our fingertips. These are the two brand names that constantly appear on our minds whenever we talk about business accounting software. 

But, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best for us as both of them offer different facilities and features to carry out the procedure and until we don’t get the knowledge of those features then we cannot make the decision of choosing the best one. So, here In this article, we will provide you a guide of comparison and review that will help you to choose the one according to your need.

Before proceeding with the guide, let’s first talk about the basic differences between these two tools so that we can make a better decision of using the software that gives us great help with our business operations. In this guide, you will be offered everything about Quickbooks vs Quicken. So read the full guide below and take the knowledge of the two best accounting software in the world. 

Comparison Between Quicken vs Quickbooks

Quickbooks vs quicken

Quicken and Quickbooks both are developed by Intuit that’s the reason they almost have similar features. But, Quickbooks is a more wide concept than Quicken as it offers multiple features that an entrepreneur needs. 

Quicken works as a personal finance program through tracking account balances, budgeting, investments, loans, rental properties, and other expenses while Quickbooks is a full-featured double-entry bookkeeping program where the user can have payroll, tax filling, expense management, budgeting, reconciliation, accounts receivable and accounts payable management, invoicing and so on. With the variety of features, Quickbooks brings a wider platform for business functionality. 

In order to give you a brief about these two platforms, we are providing you a comparison chart below showing the different functions that they offer you. 

Quicken & Quickbooks- Comparison Chart

Used for  Rental property owners Small business owners
Manage accounts payable Yes Yes
Create invoices Yes Yes
Payroll administration No Yes
Mileage Tracker No Yes
Accounts receivables Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes
Cloud-hosted  No Yes
Generate financial statement Yes  Yes
Online payments Yes Yes
Rental property administration Yes No
Manage 1099 contracts No Yes
Account access No Yes
Price $99.99 (Home and Business plan) $25 per month (Simple Start)

$40 per month (Essentials)

$70 per month (Plus)

$150 per month (Advanced)

With this comparison chart, we get the idea that Quickbooks and Quicken have so many similarities and differences as well. If you are having all the features that you need in Quicken then you can go for it and if not then you can choose Quickbooks. But, this comparison does not end here. It’s just the introductory part of Quicken v/s. Quickbooks. In order to have a better result, you have to go through the whole article comprising a lot of things that a user like you should consider before opting for software.

Quicken vs Quickbooks Features

Quicken– Earlier, the user has to download and install Quicken on the system only. But, with the new version, Quicken home and business, the user gets easy accessibility to the software on the web and mobile as well but if you are an iOS user then you cannot use the new version as it is only compatible with Windows Operating System

Quickbooks– if we talk about Quickbooks then it grants you easy access to the web-based program. You just have to need a good internet connection and you are all set to use Quickbooks from anywhere around the world. Additionally, Quickbooks comes with not only two or three versions but four updated versions that you can use to have better accounting operations. You can choose according to your suit from all of these four versions and you are good to go with your business procedures.

Quicken Home & Business Features

quicken home and business vs QuickBooks

Here is the list below of different features that you can get from Quicken Home & Business.

  • Projection of profit and loss and report of cash flow.
  • Crafting and creating invoices.
  • Categorization for rental property, business, and personal transactions.
  • Functions to maximize business tax deductions and crafting tax-related reports.
  • Single bills dashboard with reminders.
  • Tracking for rental rates, deposits, lease terms, and rental income
  • Email custom rent reminders with a PayPal link for payment.
  • Email rental and business reports
  • Customer care via phone or chat

With the features, we can get the idea that these all are beneficial to those who own rental properties as well as for those who want a side business. If you are a sole proprietor, freelancer, and contractor then you can opt for Quicken as it has every feature that you need in your way. 

Quickbooks Features

quicken vs QuickBooks for small business

Quickbooks is a wider platform that consists of every little and big help for business owners. There are lots of different features that a business needs to develop in this growing world. Here, we are discussing the dynamic features of Quickbooks that will help you in making your decision.

  • Tracking mileage
  • Calculate sales tax while tracking sales.
  • Printing checks
  • Permit account access to a business accountant.
  • Join business bank account
  • Download Quickbooks mobile app
  • Manage 1099 contractors
  • Craft customized reports
  • Organize and capture the reports
  • Integrate with third-party tools and other Quickbooks
  • Export and run reports like balance sheets and profit and loss statements.
  • Customize and send invoices
  • Accept online payments
  • Automatically categorizes transactions into tax categories.
  • Used to business income and expenses from multiple accounts
  • Customer care via phone or chat
  • Integrate with other Quickbooks and third-party tools
  • Track sales and calculate sales tax

So, there are all the features that you will be provided with the Simple Plan Quickbooks software which again keeps on increasing with the level and upgraded version of Quickbooks. As we have mentioned earlier, Quickbooks comes in four plans: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced.

Quickbooks upgraded to a higher level with more features when the user moves towards the Essentials and other plans. For instance, In the Essentials plan, the user will get bill management, multi-user access, and time tracking. Plus Plan will provide the user access to project profitability tracking and inventory. With the highest level, Quickbooks Online Advanced, the user will get some more dynamic features such as batch invoicing, customizable access by role, workflow management, advanced reporting and analytics, and many more.

With these four plans, Quickbooks welcomes many different users around the world to have a better functionality of the associated tasks. This is the capability of Quickbooks that it makes its position not only among the business owners but among the non-professionals as well by permitting them the access to streamline, manage and automate their financial processes.

Quicken vs Quickbooks Pricing

After getting a glimpse of different features in Quickbooks and Quicken, you might want to know the pricing of each software. Well, the comparison does not provide full success until we present you with the price difference of both software. So, read the pricing below and move a step forward to choose the best that suits you financially as well.

If we talk about their subscription plans, then Quickbooks operates on a monthly subscription pricing plan whereas Quicken Home & Business charges an annual subscription.

Pricing of Quicken Home & Business 

quicken home and business vs QuickBooks

The user will have to pay an annual subscription of $99.99 to use the software. In this charge, you will not only be provided all the features of Quicken but also a mobile app of the same. 

This is the most costly version of Quicken as it is the advanced version and also it provides simple access to its users on the web and mobile as well.

If you are not sure about the software and want to try it at once then you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee offer that will provide you great help in taking the decision.

Quickbooks Online Pricing

As Quickbooks provides the four plans to its users so the pricing here is different. You can get the one according to your need and requirement. We are here to provide you a list of the pricing of different plans:

quicken vs QuickBooks for small business

  • Simple Start: $25/month
  • Essentials: $40/month
  • Plus: $70/month
  • Advanced: $150/month

Quickbooks also offers you different services like Quickbooks Payroll, Point of sale, and TSheets for additional costs.

With the pricing range, we can get the idea that Quicken Home & Business is much more affordable than Quickbooks simple start but if you are a small business entrepreneur and want to use such dynamic features to uplift the business then you can opt for Quickbooks. We are here to help you with the different features that you can access with the tools but it merely depends on you and your needs which software you want to use.

Quicken vs Quickbooks Customer Reviews

In this section, you will get to know about different users who use Quickbooks & Quicken and provide us some reviews that will help customers like you to have a better understanding of this accounting software. With reliable opinions, you will have the best result.

Quicken User Reviews

Quicken provides great satisfaction to its customers which can be articulated from the rating of the software. It is also highly recommended among different consumers. It pleases the customer with an easy accessibility feature. 

If you are looking for a tool that can create and print reports then you should go for Quicken as at a reasonable price you can get the task done in just no time. The pricing and easy-to-use feature provide Quicken the positive reviews. But, there are negative reviews as well. 

In negative reviews, you will find that the software prompts with technical glitches when trying to connect it with third-party apps.

Quickbooks User Reviews

Quickbooks is also listed in customer’s high praise because of the dynamic and versatile features that operate the functionality of the accounting. The user can have all the different tasks like payroll and tax filing in just one platform Quickbooks with its flexibility turns complex tasks into simpler ones. With the third-party apps, Quickbooks brings no repetition of tasks.

While talking negatively about Quickbooks, the customer says that the price of Quickbooks is somewhat inaccessible and new businesses cannot use the software for financial management. Furthermore, the customers say that because of its lots of features and functions, Quickbooks brings a learning curve to entrepreneurs who are new to this field. 

Benefits of Quicken vs Quickbooks

After comparing pricing, features, and reviews, let’s jump towards the benefits of Quicken vs. QuickBooks. In order to provide you a better understanding of these two tools, we are not stopping here with our comparison and reviews guide but giving you a detailed study of this two software. So that you can have better results of your business functionality. 

So, now without any further ado, let’s jump into the benefits of Quicken vs. Quickbooks to have a better understanding of which one is better for you. 

Benefits of Quicken

Quickbooks vs quicken

There are two ways through which Quicken is preferred more than Quickbooks. The first one is keeping track of your personal as well as business finances with functions like handle investment accounts and many more and the second one is pricing.

So, prefer this Quicken tool for your small number of business transactions and organize the records of your personal financial needs. Even Quickbooks, the best tool of accounting does not provide you personal and business finances together. But, with Quicken, you can easily have two sections in just one platform.

However, it can be proven the best tool for you but, the problem arises when you keep the personal and business finances together without breaking them apart. Through this silly mistake, you can have hindrances in your working procedure like legal problems, bookkeeping, and taxes.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is to have separate bank accounts and credit cards before using Quicken Home & Business as your business tool.

Pricing of Quicken is another benefit that you can meet here. With the minimum price, you can get here the track of business as well as personal finances. If you want Quicken for managing a few business transactions then you can go for it at the annual subscription of $99.99. But, if you want a business-specific tool. Then you must go on with the Quickbooks online.  

Benefits of Quickbooks Online

quicken vs QuickBooks

Quickbooks is a stronger tool with its functionality and reliant features. Just like Quicken brings business-related capabilities to the users as Quickbooks brings solutions to the business accounting world with its dynamic features and tools. Quickbooks is the most trusted tool that a small entrepreneur can use for providing a boost to business growth. With this software, the user can access various functions and accomplish many tasks in no time.

With the Simple Start Plan, you can have so many tasks like invoicing, bookkeeping, reporting, payments, payroll update, and many more. These different features help you to increase your business and thus make you able to use the upgraded level of Quickbooks for better improvements. Quickbooks is like an investment for many users that provides you so many benefits in the future plans and also you can accomplish many tasks with just one software.

Easy accessibility of Quickbooks is also one of the good features that increase its value not only in the business world but also in the non-professional world where people are having it and enjoying the different capabilities of Quickbooks. Additionally, Quickbooks is far easy to access than Quicken as it is designed solely for business purposes where you can all the featured in just one platform. You don’t have to mix up personal finance features and you can get full and straightforward access to your business transaction.

The benefits of Quickbooks do not stop here to amaze you but always be there to surprise you with the dynamic and super-interesting features. Being a cloud-based software platform, Quickbooks can be run on any of your computers. You just have to check for your internet connection and you are good to go with this incredible device. Not only that, with the Quickbooks app, you can have your account in your pocket captured under your tablet and smartphone.

So, with the above-mentioned benefits, we can get the idea that Quickbooks is more user-friendly, accessible, functional, and flexible in comparison to Quicken Home & Business.

Now, let’s move towards the Substitute of Quicken or Quickbooks if your requirements do not match with both of these products given above. 

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Substitute for Quicken or Quickbooks

If you are a newcomer in the world of business and want to use a tool that will meet your requirement according to your budget and working tasks then you can read below about the different alternatives that you can get besides Quickbooks and Quicken Home & Business. So, we are providing you the two best accounting tools that can beat these two tools.

1. Quickbooks Self-Employed

quicken vs QuickBooks

This tool works best for self-employed professionals like contractors, freelancers, or other B2B business owners who can get all the features in just simpler software. 

The tool is a part of the Quickbooks product suite that is affordable and simpler to use at the same time. You can get the basic version named Self-Employed for just $15 per month and have full access to sending and tracking invoices, tax deduction maximization, and also a segregated line between personal and business accounts. 

With the higher-level plans, you can have additional tax assistance that will help you not only in filing but also in paying your business taxes.

Although Quickbooks Self-Employed does not provide all the features of Quickbooks it’s a step ahead with Quicken and a great tool for business owners and self-employed professionals who need more functionality in terms of invoice and tax. 

2. Wave Accounting

Quickbooks vs quicken

Wave Accounting proves the best business-specific accounting software for the owners who do not acquire a good budget to access Quickbooks, Quicken Home & Business, and Quickbooks Self-Employed. The platform gives the owners a free opportunity to examine and track their business transactions with just signing up and that to be free.

Wave accounting is the best help for all the young entrepreneurs who want to sync bank and credit card accounts for their business functionality but cannot do it because of the less budget. The features that you will get here on this platform are listed below:

  • Tracking Income and Expenses
  • Crafting and sending customizable invoices
  • Managing and scanning receipts
  • Customize sales taxes
  • Connect with Etsy, Shoeboxed, and Paypal
  • Dashboard access for invoice status and cash balances
  • Craft exportable accounting reports like sales tax reports, profit and loss statements, cash flow reports, and so on.
  • Inviting guest collaborators 
  • Sending bill and invoice reminders

Well, these are all the features that you can access free with Wave Accounting but you can also add on your features like online payments and payroll with the purchase of the tool. This will enhance your work in a better way.

As we said earlier, it is the best tool for all the users out there who want to access a user-friendly accounting tool, that to be free then can use the tool.


With this guide, you can now make a better decision of which software or tool you want to use for the better performance of the business. Not only Quickbooks and Quicken Home & Business but also through Wave Accounting and Quickbooks Self Employed you can achieve your business goals and take your business to the next level. Also, If you are thinking about switching to Quickbooks then don’t worry about the data. You can easily convert Quicken to QuickBooks in minutes. It won’t take much time.

We hope that you like this guide containing everything that you should need to know before taking any kind of decision. With the features, comparison, pricing, and benefits, we bring forward every essential aspect to you. If you find this article relevant enough to solve all your queries related to Quicken vs. Quickbooks then let us know in the comment section. We will be more obliged to have your comments on the post and also don’t forget to share it among your friends and family who are wondering which software is best for them.